Friday 23 September 2011

Slow progress and an award

I do not seem to have had much stitching or computer time this week, well no fun computer time anyway.  Tonight I plan a bit of a catch up with reading and commenting!
My works in progress for the week are:
Progress has been made with my shelf - it's up!!  Still a work in progress though because this isn't the quilt that will hang here.  The wall hanging is one of the older ones I have made, and isn't the right colour and perhaps not even my style anymore, but I freshly washed it and decided it is better than nothing!!  It doesn't even have hanging strips so I have just pinned it in place.  I'm also not sure about the ornaments yet, the larger birdhouse needs painting as the mint green doesn't go with the anything in the room - as I said, a WIP.

My other WIP for the week is my Vignette stitching.  I have made a little progress on the birdhouse block, I love the new thread I am sewing the flowers with - Raisin by Cottage Garden Threads.  The colours never show up as well in the photos but I love the shades in this thread.

The lovely Teresa at Quilting Stitching and Sew On from Portugal has very kindly awarded me The Versatile Blogger Award.

Thank you so much Teresa, I feel very unworthy but I appreciate the thought!  And I love your blog too!

There are rules to this award...
1. Thank and link back to the person who gave you the award.
2. Share seven things about yourself on the post.
3. Pass the award to fifteen bloggers that you think deserve it.
4. Lastly, contact all of the bloggers that you've picked for the award.

So, seven things about me, hmmm...
1.  I am the second youngest of seven children
2.  I used to work as a nurse
3.  I am quite shy and do not like to push myself onto others
4.  I am very blessed to be married to my best friend
5.  I do not read many books during the year because I know once I start reading a good book I don't get anything else done
6.  We have always had cats, at the moment we have two, and Charlie and I love them, they are a huge part of our lives
7.  I am a real homebody and like nothing more than knowing I can spend time at home so I feel very fortunate to be able to work from home at this stage in my life.

Now, because of point 3 above, I would find it difficult to pass the award on in case you didn't want it!!  Plus, I think all the blogs I read are really wonderful and inspiring and I have so enjoyed 'meeting' you all this year.  So I will break the rule and not pass it on but maybe some of you would like to take the award and share seven things about yourself.

Have a wonderful weekend, happy stitching, Wendy


  1. Your shelf looks terrific Wendy. The wallhanging you have put up is very cute, but I will be waiting to see what you eventually settle on. Congratulations on your award. It is always lovely to read your blog. I was interested to see you were a nurse, just like my darling daughter. Have a terrific weekend. Good luck to the All-Blacks against France. I really hope we can defeat the USA!!!

  2. Congratulations Wendy on your award! We have even more in common than I knew before. :) Love the shelf too. I've found with mine that trying things on them you will figure out what really works and what doesn't. I still love that felt birdhouse and wish I had gotten in on that class! :) Have a wonderful weekend! :)

  3. Hi Wendy, love your shelf and am looking forward to seeing the quilt you waat to put on it. The rest will all fall into place before you know it and that birdcage may not need a paint! Enjoy your weekend and congrats on the award.

  4. Hi Wendy, I love the quilt shelf and what you have put on it..
    You are so deserving of that award..
    So fun to see that you are a nurse too!!
    Hope you have a wonderful weekend, xx

  5. your shelf looks great, I love the little mousey with the legs dangling over the edge. Cute as.
    The cat quilt is very sweet.
    Your stitchery looks wonderful. Love the thread too, it shows up on the outer fabrics well. I love Leanne's birdhouses. Thanks for the little extras about yourself too.

  6. lovely post Wendy and your shelf looks great

  7. Love the shelf. You have given me a good idea. thanks.
    Oh I really want to do the Vignette quilt but I have sew many WIP and UFO,s

  8. Shelf is looking good! I really love the cat quilt! It's so fun! Thanks for sharing! Have a Wondrous Weekend! :)

  9. Your shelf looks fantastic.
    Love the colours you are doing your vignette in stitches in. Cottage Garden made such great threads there colours are beautiful.
    Cheers Tanya

  10. That shelf is going to be so well loved and used... great... and those cats have such expression!! I do enjoy the Vignette stitching... very effective Nice to read a bit more about you....

  11. Your shelf looks great and you can change your little quilts as the mood takes you. Thanks for sharing a little about yourself. it's nice to know you better.

  12. Hi Wendy, your shelf looks great, you are doing really well with your vignette stitching, I must get back to mine.

  13. Nice to find you! I too have been awarded the Verstatile Bloggy award.Your stitcheries are lovely,Cottage Garden threads are lovely aren't they.


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