Sunday 24 August 2014


August has almost come and gone and this is my first post for the month!  Life with two teenagers seems to fly by at a rapid pace.  It has been in my mind often to blog a post but have never quite got the photos (and myself) organised.  So here is a catch-up of some August things: one of the major tasks we completed was doing up the piano stool and the woodbox that we had been gifted.  Paul did all the painting and we did the upholstery together, using a laminated cotton for durability.  I am really happy with how they look especially when I compare them now with the 'before' photos.  I must thank Julie for her helpful advice and paint recommendation J.  
Josh had requested some gloves so I finally finished them for him.  They are not my best knit, I think they look quite rough but he didn't notice and is getting lots of wear out of them.  Once they were finished I started a cardy for myself in a gorgeous blue.  I do find knitting easier to fit in if I am feeling tired or busy and when we are travelling about it is great to have in the car.  My clothes sewing has slowed down despite my plans.  I would like to make myself a jacket but have only got as far as making the muslin which you can see on my dress form.
In between times Charlie had her school banquet and looked beautiful all dressed up.  Well, that's enough of a catch up, next time I will show you Charlie in her dress and Josh's finished quilt!  Wendy xx