Thursday 27 March 2014

Western bluebird, fabric and fashion

Charlie and her friend Louise in 50's clothes
I just put the last stitches into the Western bluebird, my Christmas make for March.  It is another Posie: Rosy Little Things pattern from here and is an ornament to hang on my little white Christmas tree.
Last week an aunt gave me a box of her old fabric remnants and a Quilting Patterns book that looks like it will be very useful.  I have had such fun looking through the fabrics and am using some for a secret project.  It has a bit of a vintage vibe I think.
In June this year Charlie is going on a mission trip to Vanuatu with her school.  The team will be installing two large concrete water tanks as well as doing other things.  Charlie is excited to be going but the fund raising has had a huge impact on our time, hence the lack of making and blogging so far this year!  The latest fundraiser was a vintage fashion show which was a lot of work but a very successful evening.  The girls all looked gorgeous in clothes and accessories from the 50s, 60s and 70s.  Perhaps after June normal transmission may resume?  Wendy xx

Friday 14 March 2014

Works in progress

Paul gave me a Christmas gift voucher for my local Bernina store and I made time recently to do some fabric shopping: the green fabric will be a skirt, the blue is almost finished and will be a top, and the patterned fabric will be a wrap-around dress.  I haven't bought any clothes (apart from lingerie) for seven months which feels strangely liberating!
My knitting I pick up in the evenings sometimes, I have almost finished the first sleeve.  It is actually a lovely golden yellow but the colour doesn't show up in the photo.
I started making a Christmas ornament for February and just didn't get it done, I'm hoping it will be completed for March instead.
I have started some secret sewing on my Pay it Forward gifts (see here), I would love to get them made in the next few months.
One finish I have had was little beaded booties, there's nothing like a deadline to get a gift made quickly!  These are for a colleague who is having a baby girl next month.
And the last picture above ... yep, we got to spend a weekend recently back at Papamoa beach.  It was for church camp and we went a day early which was such a treat to visit our summer holiday spot.  And yes, I did have a swim in the ocean :) Wendy xx