Friday 28 June 2013

My hook and hoop

It's been cold and damp here this week with grey skies and fog.  It feels like winter!  There has been a crackling fire in the fireplace each day and our little house feels warm and cosy.  I finished crochet fingerless gloves for myself from a Mollie Makes magazine, issue 22.  The wool was some I had already but it feels scratchy against my hand so I may make some more one day with a softer wool.  I have also started making a crochet cushion for Josh's bedroom, so far with wool from my stash.  It's now waiting for me to buy a few more colours.  In my embroidery hoop this week I have been plodding away at the Mrs Beasley's sampler quilt, enjoying taking my time.  And I have started a small embroidery for Charlie's room, something little and pretty to hang on a hook.  And now it's Friday evening and I have that lovely feeling knowing it's movie night and the weekend tomorrow, Wendy xx

Tuesday 18 June 2013


I have been having fun with my new BOM's and am really enjoying working on smaller sized quilts!  The first one is Chateau Hexagon by Lynette Anderson and I have finished month one.  There is space for a cute birdhouse button.  The second is Mrs Beasley's sampler quilt from the Vignette magazine.  I have actually finished piecing it together since the photo and can now work on the applique and hand stitching.  We have had so much rain lately with the promise of more to come at the end of the week.  The nice thing about that is the chance to stay indoors near the fire and catch up on my sewing.  And a little bit of baking too.  These biscuits are becoming my favourite chocolate chip cookies to make.  The kids seem to be enjoying them too judging by how quickly the cookie tin empties!  I have put the recipe on my recipe page if anyone wants to try them.  Wendy xx

Monday 10 June 2013

Vintage finds, sewing and distractions

Two new vintage finds.  I found the lovely old sewing case at my local second hand shop, at $45 it wasn't cheap so I deliberated for a couple of weeks.  In the end I decided it needed to come home with me! The beautiful little plate I bought at Threadbear Cottage and it is perfect for my rings and earrings at the end of each day.
My finished Vintage Home bag, designed by House on the Hill, so difficult to get a good photograph in the dismal grey light.  I made so many mistakes with cutting out this bag so it has ended up about an inch shorter and an inch slimmer than the pattern.  I'm not sure how I managed that!  I am continuing with my Vignette quilt and have got the next blocks ready for hand stitching. Following Marina's advice I am attempting to work on different projects each week of the month to keep my Vignette progressing!  And in case I run out of things to work on the rest of the month, I have two new projects - Mrs Beasley's sampler quilt from the Vignette magazine and Chateau Hexagon, Lynette Anderson's new button club quilt.  Last night I did most of the cutting for Mrs Beasley's sampler quilt and today attempted to lay out block one.  I say attempted, because I soon gave up thanks to Barney's invasion!  
To be honest, I have been very unmotivated lately and some of that is because of books!  I usually save my reading for holidays as once I start reading I find it hard to do anything else!  But lately I have lapsed and have been enjoying books written by Julie Klassen, in the style of Jane Austen.  I have one more book to read at some stage and then I better return to normal!  Wendy xx