Tuesday 27 March 2012

Vintage love

As I age (now I'm in my mid-40's!) I am loving vintage things more and more.  I get such pleasure seeing the little finds throughout our home and I love the sense of solidity and cosiness they bring.  When we tidied up Mum's things recently I would have loved her buttons but we couldn't find them.  On Sunday my sister came across them and I was so pleased to bring the tin of buttons home.  Paul found the vintage mirror last year, I love the look it has added to the hall.  I have two vintage plates opposite that you can see in the reflection.  The chicken hook was a gift from a dear friend so I enjoy that it hangs in this group.  I am linking with Melody at The House on the Side of the Hill for Tuesday's Treasures, she has a lovely give away today.  Wendy xx  

Sunday 25 March 2012

Farmer's Wife blocks

Six more blocks for my Farmer's Wife quilt: #34 Flock; #15 Buzzard's Roost; #31 Evening Star; #10 Bowtie; #103 Whirlwind; #2 Autumn Tints.  I still have two more blocks to go to finish the March list.  Holly is my beautiful little couch companion, I love the way she looks like she is smiling in her sleep.
I was so fortunate to receive this gorgeous little house from Kathy at Sew Happy House as a give away for the Friends with Benefit Swap.  Thanks Kathy, I love it, I have it hanging on my mini-hutch dresser where I keep my blue china. Doesn't it look right at home?  Wendy xx

Saturday 17 March 2012

Friday Night Sew In

The boys were away Friday night so Charlie and I got settled with a movie and American Idol and I was able to get busy with my FNSI.  Two more Farmers Wife blocks completed, I am English paper piecing them so it takes me a little while sewing each block.  Blocks #29 Economy; #6 Big Dipper.

This was my year for working from home and finding a new routine.  My plan was to include walks into my day, to clean my house by zones, sew, and of course work.  How quickly things change - a colleague left abruptly so I offered to take on some of her work, and now I am spending Tuesdays and Wednesdays in an office in the city.  I have only worked in a hospital, from home and in a small pharmacy so it is quite a change working in a 'corporate office' environment - finding parking in a busy city, and having a security tag to get anywhere in the building!!  That is the view from my desk.  
This week I completed another couple of blocks for Charlie's quilt and I started on my Friends with Benefits swap.  It is a beautiful day today, fine and sunny but with that autumn nip in the air, just lovely!

Sunday 11 March 2012

Monthly make

Summerhouse seat cushion - pattern by Alicia Paulson
The family were out on Saturday so I had the afternoon to myself which was the perfect chance for some sewing.  I strayed from my to-do list and decided to make a cushion for Charlie's bedroom chair.  I had bought the pattern from here and I found it really easy to use.  I love this cushion although all the family said it wasn't padded enough!!? - as if that is important!  I used all the fabrics for Charlie's quilt so it was fun seeing a little snapshot of how they look together.  This is my Monthly Make for March with The Felt Fairy.
And my Henny Penny, it gives me so much pleasure to see her foraging around the garden, she is such a friendly happy chook, I love her so.  Wendy

Tuesday 6 March 2012

Cutest little fawn - EVER

How can you resist a title like that?  I couldn't, so this "cutest little fawn - EVER" is now mine!  I thought he would be a perfect Christmas decoration but my husband thinks he should stay out always!  He is a little vintage fawn and he is my Tuesday's Treasure.  Pop over to Melody's to see other lovely treasures.
Last week raced by and this week looks like it is going the same way, but the above photos are some of what I have been up to.  Last week I was inspired by Lily to do some extra cleaning, I chose to polish my dining room table and set it nicely ... We went to Raglan in the weekend for our church camp, a lovely weekend but very short on sleep!  The camp is high on a hill overlooking a bay, such a beautiful spot ... I have fitted in a little bit of sewing, I started cutting lots of squares to make the remaining shoo fly blocks for my Vignette quilt ... I completed one more block for Charlie's quilt ... and I finished my second item for the Christmas angel swap, the 4"x6" stitchery, although I still need to frame it.  Next on my sewing list is my Farmer's Wife blocks for March and I joined another swap (I am so weak!!), the Friendship swap with Sew Happy House so I want to start that too.  Whew, I better get off the computer and back to my needle, Wendy xx