Sunday 11 September 2011

Craft & Quilt Fair part 2

I have had a lovely day today, first church in the morning and then lunch at my father-in-laws.  I always bring some stitching so am happily occupied while the men chat and watch rugby.  I am working my way through 92 flower stalks on the Vignette quilt and am over half way now!

Here are some photos from the Craft & Quilt Fair ...
This was beautiful up close, made of recycled woolen fabrics.
Lots of detail on this quilt.
Love the New Zealand birds and scenery in this one.
Made by a NZ designer, I should have written her name down!
Also by the NZ designer.
This quilt was one of my favourites, lots of hand piecing and beautiful hand quilting - what a lot of work!
This gorgeous puppet show was part of the Creative Fibre exhibition.
I hope you enjoyed the quilt show! 

I have just signed up for two swaps which is something very new for me but I am looking forward to them and I think they will be a good challenge.  The swaps are The Keeper Swap with Cookies & Cream Craft and the Great Global Christmas Swap with  I wanted to do the Christmas swap last year but didn't have the confidence and hadn't started blogging but I have decided this is the year!  They both sound like fun, see the buttons on the side bar if you are interested.

Hope you all had a wonderful weekend, happy stitching, Wendy


  1. Love the quilts they look beautiful! Glad you had fun at the show -wish I had come up to Hamilton, maybe next year.

  2. Thank you for sharing these wonderful quilts. People are so talented.

  3. Just loved the quilts Wendy, especially the one of the birds... so much detail... Thankyou for sharing them with us..

  4. There were some beautiful quilts there Wendy. Hope you enjoy the Wold Cup. It should be a great tournament.

  5. Thank you for sharing some pics from the quilt show unfortunately I wasn't able to go this time hopefully next year!


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