Saturday 27 July 2013

Introducing Miss Maggie Rabbit

School holidays are coming to an end and we have had plenty of time to unwind, time with friends and occasional outings too.  Yesterday we went to Despicable Me 2, such a fun movie, we all love the minions.  I have spend my down times happily stitching away on Miss Maggie and she is now finished, complete with a liberty dress, old fashioned boots and a knitted capelet.  I made one change to the pattern and that was to make her a pompom tail.  The link is here if you are interested in the pattern.  Miss Maggie whispered in my ear that she would rather not be where the cats can reach her so for now she is looking after my blue china, Wendy xx

Thursday 25 July 2013

July Christmas item

I was determined to finish some Christmas items after missing last month! I made two little ornaments from a paper foundation pattern by Mary Herschleb.  The pattern also includes a cute Santa and snowman that I may try next month.  I took these photos on Monday when the sun made a welcome appearance in the afternoon.  Little Holly was making the most of the sunshine too, napping in a warm spot.  A big thank you to Narelle at Pins and Whiskers for organising a Christmas item each month!  I am having so much fun this week, creating a cute little someone and doing a bit of crochet, simple pleasures!  Wendy xx

Saturday 20 July 2013

Friday night sew in

Wendy from sugarlane quilts hosted FNSI last night and that was the perfect incentive for me to finish the second block of the Chateau Hexagon quilt, such a cute little block.  I added the last stitches this morning although I really should be doing housework!  Thanks Wendy for being our wonderful host.
We are in the middle of school holidays here so I have been reasonably busy, however I have completed one side of the crochet cushion I am making and I made time on Thursday and Friday to sew Charlie a dress.  It is from a gorgeous book called Home Sewn which has a lovely introduction about the origin of New Zealand fashion and home sewing.  There are also ten patterns from leading NZ designers.  Hopefully I will get a photo of Charlie in her dress at some stage to share.  Well, no more procrastinating for me, I must get on with my day, Wendy xx

Tuesday 9 July 2013

A little finish

A couple of weeks ago Charlie requested I make something to hang from her little white shelves.  I decided to make an embroidery, a free pattern from the gorgeous blog, nana company.  I reduced the pattern by 25% so it would fit into the hoop I bought, then finished it simply by leaving it in the hoop with felt sewn on the back.  Done!
I have been trying desperately to photograph the many birds that visit my bird feeder but my camera just isn't up to the job.  We get lots of sparrows visiting but also gorgeous little green finches that I had never seen before.  You can see the one sitting on the branch more clearly than the one on the feeder.  We are enjoying the extra birds so much that we are now putting out lard as well to encourage the white-eyes.  It has been so mild here lately, more like spring than winter, although there is a cold snap forecast.  I was pleased to find erlicheer flowering in my garden already, quickly bringing them inside to enjoy their fresh scent, Wendy xx

Sunday 7 July 2013

Friday night with friends

This week I have concentrated on finishing my Mrs Beasley block and Friday night with friends was the perfect time to keep stitching.  I had completed the dresden block and applique earlier in the week so on Friday night I finished stitching the pink flowers.  On Saturday I was able to get in some stitching as well, finishing off the name block.  I decided to applique the leaves around the flower rather than the embroidered leaves in the pattern.  I look forward to catching up with everyone's Friday sewing and a big thank you to Cheryll for hosting us all.  Wendy xx