Saturday 25 August 2012

A finish

Badger Cottage journal cover and Little Thimble Bag - Lynette Anderson designs

Well it took me a bit longer than I thought to get a new USB port, but here is my finished Badger Cottage journal cover.  I think it's such a cute pattern, I love the smoke coming out of the chimney and the heart on the door.  I was so inspired by meeting Lynette that I joined her Project Club and she shared her Little Thimble Bag pattern which I made above.  It's so cute and, yes, I do have my thimble safely stored in it!  And I have started sewing the 3/4" hexagons together to make the Badger Cottage pencil case.  After feeling like the Waikato was awash with rain we have had about four days of glorious sunshine.  It is amazing how everything feels different when the sun is shining.  Today is another lovely day so this is just a quick post, I must get onto my washing and other Saturday chores, Wendy xx

Sunday 19 August 2012

Signs of spring

I have been quoted as saying that I like winter because I love staying home with the fire.  However, it feels like this winter has been rather cold, wet and dreary.  It was nice to get some sunshine on Friday so, while I was hanging up the washing, I had a little wander around the garden and was pleased to see some signs of spring.  My first daffodils are flowering and lots of the others have fat buds just waiting to open.  The flowering cherry tree is covered in pink flowers and my Magnolia Stellata is in flower.  Not long I tell myself, surely better weather is just around the corner!  Our two new chickens have settled in well and the photo is of their first time let loose in the garden.  They are funny little things, running after each other in case the other one has found something delicious.  In sewing news I have finished part of my Lynette Anderson sewing project but the USB adapter from my camera has decided not to cooperate so hopefully I will be back tomorrow with photos of it.  Wendy xx

Friday 10 August 2012

A lovely start to August

I have had a couple of lovely starts to August.  First it was my birthday and I was spoilt by family and friends with some special little gifts that suited me perfectly.  Leanne also sent me a gorgeous birthday gift, the table runner above and the Lilac Hill charm pack.  The table runner is just beautiful and the colours are perfect for my dining room.  Thanks so much Leanne, I love my gift!
The other lovely thing was to attend a Lynette Anderson workshop yesterday at Grandmothers Garden in Gordonton which is just outside the city I live in.  I had to get a photo of myself and Lynette as proof, she is holding a little stocking I made from her latest book, Stitch it for Christmas.  This was the first sewing/quilting workshop I had been to and I totally enjoyed the day.  Lynette was a lovely tutor, very warm, friendly and helpful.  The workshop pattern was the Badger Cottage journal cover and pencil case, you can see how far I got in the photo above.  We also practised making tiny yoyo's and hexagons ... I have lots more to make!  I have always loved the look of Lynette's projects but they are definitely more beautiful in real life, it was very inspiring to see some of them.  Lucky me, Wendy xx