Friday 25 October 2013

October Christmas item

My Christmas item this month is a Quilted Holiday Hanger and is a free pattern from the Henry Glass Fabrics website here.  One of the reasons I joined in with Narelle's one-Christmas-item-a-month was to use some of the gorgeous Christmas patterns I have collected over the years.  This hanger has been saved on my computer since December 2010 so I feel very happy to have finally made it.  Thanks again to Narelle for hosting this each month, only two more months to go!!  Wendy xx

Sunday 20 October 2013

Pay it forward

This week I concentrated on catching up with my Chateau Hexagon blocks.  I completed block four, cranky geese, and have made a start on block five.  Well, I have made seven yoyos anyway which will become hollyhock flowers as part of the stitchery.  I also made a start on my next knitting project, another cardy for me.  This time I have chosen a summery bright colour and I plan to make a sundress to go with it.  
I am not responsible for all the other gorgeousness in this post but I am very happy to receive it.  Back in January Noela had received a Pay it Forward gift and asked if three people would like to get a handmade gift from her and in return make handmade gifts for three other bloggy friends.  I was one who responded and my gift arrived yesterday.  Noela has made me the most beautiful table runner and mug rug with a gorgeous embroidered 'W', as well as giving me some fabric, chocolates and a calender for next year.  Thank you so much Noela for your wonderful generous gift!  
That means it is my turn to make gifts for three other bloggers.  If you would like to receive a handmade gift from me and then be willing to make a gift for three other bloggers when you receive mine, just leave a comment on this post stating you would like to do this.  You have a year to make the gifts after you receive mine, and you must have an active blog to participate.  Wendy xx

Friday 11 October 2013

A handmade wardrobe

I have been thinking more and more that I would like to make a handmade wardrobe for myself, to sew and knit my own clothes rather than buying them.  I had a big cull of my wardrobe at the end of last year so my clothes are limited and I tend to wear the same things over and over.  I would also like to get out of jeans which seems to have become my uniform for home wear!  I like the idea of making clothes that go together as outfits rather than odd bits and pieces.  And Charlie may get some new clothes occasionally too!
And speaking of Charlie, I finished her Brick jumper which is a free pattern by Clare Lee here.  I am so pleased I started it again in the smaller size because it now fits Charlotte perfectly.  She loves it and has worn it quite a lot already.
And the first dress for my handmade wardrobe is La Sylphide by Papercut Patterns, a New Zealand designer.  I am pretty amazed this dress turned out because the georgette was incredibly slippery to work with!  The only draw-back of the pattern was the very short skirt, not such a good look for me!  I cut a practice skirt out of an old sheet and thankfully it worked so the dress finishes just below my knees.  The swirling dots on the fabric was also incredibly difficult to photograph with the camera struggling to focus.  I ended up holding a piece of white paper in front of me then throwing it away when my husband had focused on it so we didn't get many photos!  I have worn the dress a couple of times and feel good in it, I was particularly pleased when my father complimented me in it and said I reminded him of my mother :)  Wendy xx

Saturday 5 October 2013

Friday night with friends

I did sign up for Friday night with friends but forgot to mention it in yesterday's post.  After working on the baby quilt in the morning I felt like a change of pace so picked up my knitting needles.  I was able to finish the second side so only sleeves to go.  Thanks to our lovely hostess Cheryll for encouraging us.  Today is a glorious day and, having caught up with housework, I rewarded myself with a bit more knitting on the deck with my afternoon cup of tea with Barney for company.  Silly photo of him I know, but he's not looking his best at the moment as he's recovering from an infected cat bite so I was trying to avoid the not so pleasant bits!  Wendy xx

Friday 4 October 2013

Things I love to make

Don't you love it when you want to make all the projects in a book?  Marg Low's book "Things I love to Make" is like that for me.  I seriously love everything in it and it has been my inspiration for gifts lately.  I made the redwork sampler for Leanne's birthday in September, you may remember me playing with paints and frames here.  Marg Low gives instructions on what paints to use which was helpful.  I also gave Leanne a crocheted African flower pincushion which is a free tutorial here at Cherry Heart (which by the way is a beautiful blog with lots of lovely tutorials and patterns!)
When I was asked to make my niece a cot quilt I again turned to Marg's book and am making the Spencer and Piper quilt.  I finished piecing the top but started worrying it wasn't big enough, the finished size is only 25 x 31 inches.  After a bit of googling on cot quilt sizes I decided to add another border which I kept plain with cornerstones.  It is now 34 x 40 inches.  Now just to decide on the quilting!!  Wendy xx