Monday 25 November 2013

November Christmas item and an outing

Narelle from Pins and Whiskers has reminded us that it is time to show our Christmas make for November and it's the last official month before the big event!  This month I made a gift rather than my usual decoration: a newborn sock hat and Saartje's booties, both free patterns from Ravelry here and here.  My niece's baby is due on Christmas day and these will be extra gifts to go with the cot quilt I made.  Thanks Narelle as always for being our Chief Elf and encouraging us along each month!
Sunday was a lovely day, I was able to take ladies from my church to visit Julie at Threadbear Cottage.  We had such a nice afternoon: sitting under trees, drinking cups of tea from old china and enjoying yummy nibbles.  We also got in some shopping from her gorgeous little shop, the bottom photo is what I found to buy, some things for me and some for a friend.  Julie was so kind and gave me a gift - a lolipop of fabric, gardeners soap and Christmas decorations.  I love them all and will enjoy using them.  We had a stop on the way home at a nearby lavender farm, the scents and sights were beautiful.    Wendy xx

Friday 22 November 2013

A handmade wardrobe

Colette Hawthorn
Day to night drape top and whole wheat cardigan
Peggy sue cardigan and truffle dress
I thought I would finally do a catch up of the clothes I have been making.  It looks like I have made a lot but this has been over quite a few months.  I am really enjoying the process of a handmade wardrobe: the planning, purchasing the fabric, and doing my best to get a good fit.  One of the steps I love is pre-washing the fabrics and seeing them hanging on the line, I love to imagine how the pretty fabrics will be transformed into something I can wear.  Once I have caught up with my Christmas sewing, next on my list will be a couple of skirts and a summer dress, I definitely need more cool clothes as it has been quite hot here lately. The sun was streaming in the lounge windows on Friday afternoon and created a lovely light around Barney as he slept on the back of the couch, he's such a cutie! Wendy xx

Sunday 17 November 2013


It's been feeling very summery here with most days in the 20 degrees (Celsius).  So nice to see the different flowers blooming and to spend time on our deck, I love the look of the fairy lights twinkling in the evening.  We have had a prickly little visitor most afternoons this week and we rush out to give it some cat food.  It looked like a petting zoo the other day as our two cats, three hens and the hedgehog shared the same space, happily ignoring each other but in close proximity.  Very cute.
Aren't the first two blocks in this post gorgeous?  They are my gift from Michelle for our Let's Celebrate swap.  I can see them as cushions and I think they would look perfect on my bed.  Thanks Michelle, I love them!  In return I made her the sewing machine block which is a free pattern here.
After speaking of unfinished things last post, I am happy to say I have ticked a few things off.  The first being the cot quilt for my niece's baby which is due on Christmas day!  It feels good to have finished this one.  I am really happy with the backing fabric I found, it is a soft flannel and yesterday I hand-washed the quilt so it feels soft and cuddly, ready for the new arrival.  I have finished a few clothes recently but am less comfortable in front of the camera than behind it.  I will try to get some photos soon though, Wendy xx

Sunday 3 November 2013

Unfinished things

Oh dear, I seem to have more unfinished things than finished at the moment.  I spent most of my crafting time this week knitting and sewing; knitting my cardigan, sewing a swap block and starting to quilt the cot quilt.  Not much progress has been made on my Chateau Hexagon block and my sundress seems to have stalled with just the lining made.
The weather is starting to change, summer is on it's way and the garden is colouring up.  In just a week the bottle brush has burst into flower and my roses have budded.  The birds and bees are enjoying it as much as me.
Last night we attended our annual church bonfire and dessert evening.  Guy Fawkes is a good excuse for enjoying fireworks and fun although it seems a strange thing to commemorate! Wendy xx