Monday 27 January 2014

Summer holiday

Summer holidays, oh how I love them!  The teenagers are happily occupied with their friends in the camping ground and I rest and read and stitch and walk.  One of the things I appreciate most about our holiday is the complete break away from work and lists and responsibilities.  Then somewhere along the way I become ready to grab my diary and write lists of things I want to accomplish at home, things I didn't have the energy to do at the end of last year.  Once home I am refreshed and motivated to get my list done :)
My summer holiday stitching consisted of a red wool coat ornament for my January Christmas item, made from this kit, and my Chateau Hexagon quilt.  I am loving the addition of the rows of hexagons.  Now I'm up to block eight, stitching a row of pretty flowers.
Thanks again to Narelle for hosting the one Christmas item a month, this year we have a dedicated blog here.
I have lots of blog reading to catch up on, I will do my best to do that over the next few days :) Wendy xx

Sunday 12 January 2014

Friday night with friends

It feels like it's been ages since I joined in with Friday Night with Friends.  There is something special about joining in;  planning what to do and thinking of others all over the world stitching away, even though at different times.  I worked on block six of Chateau Hexagon and enjoyed it so much I finished it on Saturday then joined the six blocks together.  A big thank you to Cheryll for hosting us.
I wanted to hang Charlie's cross stitch today.  She hadn't left enough aida cloth around the cat for framing so I added a fabric border and now it is hanging in my craft corner in the bedroom.  I love how it looks.
Things will be a bit quiet around here for a bit as we go on holiday on Tuesday for ten days, our annual summer holiday at Papamoa beach.  My baking is done, my Chateau Hexagon blocks are prepped ready for lots of handstitching, now just to pack and clean house!! Wendy xx

Wednesday 8 January 2014

A new year

Happy New Year to you all!  I love the fresh start of a new year, new diaries, new plans and new lists.  I believe I enjoy planning my projects as much as I do working on and completing them! (Diaries, plans and lists - the new year's wish list of a wild thing! - Paul - hubby)
I picked up my Chateau Hexagon blocks again and just finished the 5th block.  I have received the next three so I have plenty of stitching to carry on with.
I'm really keen to continue making a handmade wardrobe this year.  I completed two dresses in December, although to be honest one was mostly made in April and just needed finishing off.  And my first finish for the year was a simple sundress, made on Sunday using a lovely cotton and silk blend from Spotlight.
Charlie made me the gorgeous little cross stitch cat for Christmas.  There is something very special about receiving a hand made gift from your child so it was no surprise that it turned out to be one of my favourite gifts.  Wendy xx