Sunday 24 April 2011

Bird house finished!

I was able to spend some time stitching this week so I made my felted birdhouse, an online tutorial by Betz White.  This was such fun to do and I love the result although my husband doesn't quite understand the need for it!!

Felted birdhouse - Betz White designs

Back view

A window box on one side

And a butterfly and tree on the other side

The cute little bird
 So, what do you think?
I have run out of red thread for my Vignette quilt flowers so I'm stitching the butterflies instead, then just the smaller flowers to stitch - about 52 of them I think! lol!
Happy Easter and happy stitching.

Saturday 16 April 2011


I had such fun for FNSI last night, everyone left at 7:00 p.m. so I could start my sewing!  I sewed the 'Tis the Season apron by Leanne Beasley, choosing navy fabric and white thread to suit my friend.  The apron sewed together pretty quickly, then I was able to get comfy and start the hand sewing.  I managed to complete about half of the stitching by 11:00 p.m. so I was happy to wake up to a rainy day ... the perfect excuse to sit and finish it!  Now to decide if I wait until Christmas before I give it to my friend ... I think it may be a "just because"gift so she can get it soon!  The photos don't really show the true colour, the fabric is a lovely rich navy with a linen-look grain to it.  What a nice feeling to get something finished from my To Do List!

Tis the Season apron - Leanne Beasley designs

This week I have continued stitching away in my spare moments on my Vignette quilt.  I tend to have a mental count going on in my head - I have 40 red flowers to stitch, 4 more to go and I am halfway - and this spurs me on to get another flower finished!  Does anyone else work like that?
Well, I must get onto some Saturday chores!!  Happy sewing.

Wednesday 13 April 2011


I am joining the Friday Night Sew In! The rest of the family will be out at youth group so it will be the perfect opportunity to get some sewing done.  I think I may work on an apron pattern by Leanne Beasley.
I am making it as a gift and have chosen to make it navy blue with white stitching which would suit my friend perfectly!  The fabric is cut out already so that's a start (I originally intended it for a Christmas present ... maybe this coming Christmas!!) 
I have also joined the Vignette hexagon quilt after looking at all the beautiful hexagon's out there and wanting to try something new. 
And Charlie and I have signed up for the Betz White felted birdhouse tutorial  I have ordered some felt and am waiting excitedly for it to arrive so we can finally start!  Charlie is on holiday soon so we hope to fit in some crafting together!
Happy sewing.

Sunday 10 April 2011

Looking back and Vignette stitching

September 2010 makes:
I was so excited when I finished the Gail Pan "Scattered Ye Daisies" quilt last year ... the biggest finish for me for a long time!  I hand quilted it which I really enjoyed.

Scattered Ye Daises quilt - Gail Pan designs

Every spare moment I get I am stitching away on the Vignette quilt.  I am using the Cottage Garden threads for the first time and really love them, I love the variegation!  Hillbilly Handiworks has blogged recently about the different threads available and I agree with her that the variegation you get with Cottage Garden threads is the best!  Here are a couple of the flowers I have completed ...

Not the best photos because I am using my phone (I don't have a digital camera yet!!) but you may be able to see the variegation.
And just to finish, here is a beautiful visitor to our garden, newly hatched ...
Happy stitching.

Saturday 9 April 2011


Wow, long time no blog....
I'm always so busy doing cool things with school, church, family or youth group.Like last, last weekend my youth group (and some party crashers) floated down the Waikato river in inner tubes of car tyres!!! Mine got a hole in it... :(
Here are some of the pictures...

Floating away....

My brother Josh, with a frozen butt!

Huddle like a penguin!
It was raining the entire time and after 3 hours we were all absolutely freezing!
No matter how cold we were no one would admit defeat. In a way it was almost a competition: who gave up first!
A big thanks to every one who helped organise this fantastic event!!!
Bye for now!

Wednesday 6 April 2011

Looking back

January 2010 makes:

Tully -  Rosalie Quinlan designs  (I love this doll!)
Redwork cushion, pattern from a craft magazine
 And I started making a "Scattered Ye Daisies" quilt designed by Gail Pan.
March 2010 makes:

Pears - Sew Pretty Homestyle by Tilda
 Not much made in March but I love these pears, I used real twigs from the garden for their stalks!
Happy stitching.

Monday 4 April 2011

Penny Bowl

I had been given a gift voucher at Christmas time and finally got around to spending it today!  The voucher was for Soul Gallery which is full of unique and beautiful art ... I found a gorgeous bowl made of old copper penny's.

Since it is made of old penny's it looks a little bit vintage which I love.  And I finally have a home for the ceramic fruit my sister gave me.
I also went to Grandmother's Garden to buy more of the beautiful Cottage Garden threads for the Vignette quilt and I bought a mini Jelly Roll just in case I want to try the hexagons out of Vignette issue 2! :)  Very spoilt today!
Happy stitching.

Friday 1 April 2011

Gift idea for girls

I spent some time this afternoon making a gift for one of my nieces, Georgia.  I had seen this idea here so I made a little felt pocket and found some paper dolls on line, printed them on card and carefully cut them out.  I decided to include two dolls so Georgia's little sister Holly could play too!  (The photos are a bit fuzzy because I used my phone.)

There are so many amazing ideas on line for every occasion!  And so many talented people!
Thank you for all your lovely comments here and on Vignette in Stitches, Charlotte and I really appreciate them.
Happy stitching.