Saturday 28 September 2013

September Christmas item

Oh dear, I am three days late with my Christmas item but I decided to finish my snowman ornament anyway.  It is from a paper foundation pattern by Mary Herschleb designs and includes the four ornaments I made.  I had great intentions at the beginning of the year to make larger Christmas items like table runners and a tree skirt but so far have only managed little ornaments each month. I guess there is always next year!  Thanks again to Narelle for her encouragement each month.  As well as making a snowman this week, I have also been working on my niece's cot quilt, just one more border to go.  It has been challenging for me trying to choose a modern palette but hopefully I have succeeded.    I couldn't resist buying some gerberas this week, the colours are amazing.  Paul has almost finished repainting our lounge the same soft grey we used in our bedroom here, we loved it so much and it really makes the gerberas pop!  Wendy xx

Sunday 22 September 2013

It's spring time

Spring time stitchery I made Michelle
Spring stitchery Michelle made me
The weather here has been crazy: sunny, rainy, hot, cold, and last night I was kept awake with a thunderstorm that sounded right above our house.  September is almost done and I am writing my first post of the month!  Life has been busy lately: trying to keep up with work and kids, and some of our friends have been suffering with health issues so I have been fitting in visiting with them.
Michelle and I sent and received our spring time stitcheries for the Let's Celebrate swap with Mrs Martin's quilt shop.  I sewed the Home Tweet Home picture for Michelle which was a free pattern I found here and I added in some fat quarters too.  Michelle made me the gorgeous Red Brolly cat stitchery and gave me some other goodies too.  Now to decide how to finish it off, I am thinking maybe a cushion.
I am keeping up with my Chateau Hexagon quilt and have started block four.  I have also started making a cot quilt for a niece who has her first baby in December.  I finished Charlie's jumper and immediately started a cardy for me as well as sewing a top and blouse for myself and I have a dress half sewn.  I am definitely interested in having a more homemade wardrobe but I will save that for another post :)  Wendy xx