Thursday 29 September 2011

Works in Progress...

I am beginning to think that blogging should come with some warnings ... that your WIP list will probably grow rather than diminish!!  There are so many beautiful new things to make in cyberspace and so many inspiring blogs, I think I need to retire and spend more time sewing!  I am a list maker so I have listed my current projects and progress made this week to keep me organised and on track ...

Vignette mystery quilt:
I have finished the birdhouse on block 5 and 9, still lots more stitching to go on these blocks though.

Vignette hexagon quilt:
No progress here, I think I have made about 66 hexie flowers so far.

Swap sewing:
A little bit done on one of my swaps.

House wallhanging:
Here's something new, it's my sisters birthday next week so I have been busy stitching this cute Natalie Bird design for her.  Now I just need to sew it into the wallhanging.

Christmas stitchery banner:
Again something new - see what I mean about the dangers of blogging and all those lovely projects!  Lesley over at Sew Happy Me has a free pattern for a Christmas stitchery banner.  She is providing a new stitchery each week, I love the look of the banner so I am going to attempt to keep up.  I have completed the first stitchery, isn't it cute!

So that's my list so far although there are some other projects I plan to start at some stage! 
Happy stitching, Wendy


  1. Hi ^__^

    I love your version of Vignette and your hexies too!!!!

    And I partecipate at the Christmas Stitchery Banner.
    Nice to meet you ^__*

    Happy stitching

  2. well done Wendy all your projects are lovely,love the sneak peek of the swap project,keeping everyone in suspense,lol

  3. You've worked very hard. so many projects. I wish I had time to do so much.Well done!

  4. Hi Wendy, Oh how I have to agree, with blogging comes a bigger WIP list! I love you Vignette quilt and birthday pressie and you are a little ahead of me on the christmas banner ..... I've only managed to print off the patten and add it to the "to do list" pile, my aim was to start it before the next one this week.....oh... tomorrow :o) I love seeing your progress and thanks for sharing. Sharon

  5. Beautiful stitching Wendy. Well done.

  6. You are so good.All gorgeous

  7. Wendy which pattern is that birdhouse? I have got to make that one...and yes I know all about finding more and more things to make! :) I'm probably the worst one about that! Beautiful stitching as always...Love them all!!!

  8. Fabulous projects... definitely blogland leads us astray..... so much great things to look at and want to do...

  9. Wendy, you could have written this post for me! So many new things to see and do.. I too am a list maker.. I am also a good starter and a bad finisher!! Love all your projects..

  10. All your projects are beautiful Wendy. The Vignette stitching is really looking so wonderful. I know exactly what you mean about blogging increasing the WIP pile. There are so many swaps I would like to be a part of. So far I have restricted myself to the "Keeper Swap", but I also have 2 Christmas swaps with my quilting group AND a challenge to be finished for our retreat at the end of October. Oh dear!!! Too many projects, so little time! Have a happy weekend Wendy.

  11. Wendy... You have as many things as I do going on. :) Blogging definitely increases those 'to do' lists. Every time I see something I like I just have to make it. Thanks so much for sharing your projects. I love them! Now I'm off to check out the Christmas Stitchery Banner. May have to add it to my growing list! Have a Fabulous Day! :)

  12. Oh I do agree. Blogging is very dangerous and addictive. I think I will just have to pop over and check out those cute Xmas stitchery

  13. I am so much into the colours and usually only play with the type of colours and fabrics you have in your swap stitching (so cute) but each time I see your Vignette I just gasp. It really is stunning in your fabric choices and will be so amazing on your bed!


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