Monday 29 October 2012

Tis the Season

I pieced my Tis the Season quilt together on Sunday and I just love it.  I used Lynette Anderson's latest Christmas fabric range, Christmas Fun.  The border print is pretty fun I think.  I am going to get it professionally quilted so it will hopefully be finished before Christmas.  Other things making me happy at the moment are my new door knobs on my new wardrobe doors (a little bit of progress in our bedroom!) and seeing the beautiful spring flowers blooming in our garden.  I sewed the little sleeves on my dress last night and it was very close to being finished but the front gapes on me.  I unpicked the facing while visiting Dad this morning and I will try adding some tucks or darts to make it fit better - perhaps tonight!  Wendy xx

Tuesday 23 October 2012

Term 4 already

Well the school holidays are well and truly over and this is the second week back at school for the kids.  We have had very mixed weather with lots of rain and wind!  In fact, the evening the kids decided to try out the temporary ice rink, we were in the middle of an icy weather bomb!  We keep telling ourselves that summer is just around the corner.  Yesterday was an extra day off for Labour Weekend and I tried a new recipe, upside down apple cake, and family visited for morning tea.  It was so nice to take things slowly and I also enjoyed some sewing  time in the afternoon.  Today I received some lovely mail; I had won beautiful fabrics from Anthea and she also included a gorgeous variegated thread.  Thanks Anthea, I love them!  I am keeping busy in my spare time, working away on my Christmas Angel sewing list and the Tis the Season quilt.  I completed another Angel item and  four more Tis the Season blocks - only one more to make!  As for my Labour Weekend sewing, I am making a washi dress for myself.  After the success of my skirt I was encouraged to try to make myself a summer dress and I love the look of the washi dress that is popping up all over blog-land.  So far it is going well and I just need to add the sleeves then hem it.  Hopefully I will be back soon with a new dress, Wendy xx

Sunday 7 October 2012

Holiday sewing

Wrap skirt on yoke - Polli's patterns
So, my holiday sewing consisted of a new skirt for me, three more Tis the Season blocks and some Christmas gift sewing (you just get a sneak peek of the Christmas item.)  Would you believe I have had this skirt pattern and fabric all cut out and ready to sew for two years!  I think part of the reason for my procrastination was that I wasn't happy with the size I had cut out, not that it was the wrong size for me at the time, but it was a size I was unhappy about being.  But that's a story for another day!  I am immensely satisfied with the skirt for lots of reasons:  because I finally sewed it and it only took a morning to complete; because I was able to trim the side seams to a more acceptable size; it was an easy enjoyable pattern to use and fits perfectly; and I love the fabric!  The photos are not the best and I was reluctant to include the full length photo but hubby Paul says I shouldn't have another faceless 'Wilson' shot!  I am still loving working on the Tis the Season blocks and try to always have one ready to stitch when I have spare moments.  It was also a good feeling being able to tick off another item on the Christmas Angel list.  Well, I must get my next Tis the Season stitchery traced ready to start sewing tonight, Wendy xx

Saturday 6 October 2012

Cake pops and birthdays

It has been school holidays this week and we have had a pretty nice time.  It has been lovely for me because I had a week's annual leave, it has been so nice to not think about work, and it has been a special week for Charlie because it was her 16th birthday yesterday.  The day started with a full-on breakfast of hash-browns, bacon, breakfast sausages and eggs, then she and a friend went to a local pottery studio and painted a plate each.  The day finished with dinner out at a restaurant.  Charlotte shares her birthday with my two sisters, who are twins, so one of my sisters and her family joined us for dinner.  Instead of a birthday cake I made an easy version of cake pops, using mini cupcakes, which Charlie loved.  Happy birthday sweet Charlotte, I'm glad you had such a special day!
The week has been pretty wet so one of the days Charlie treated us to her delicious home-made fudge and I let the kids choose a DVD each.  Movies and fudge, just the thing for a wet day!  I also got some sewing done this week so I will share that once I get some photos of it, Wendy xx