Tuesday 15 March 2011

Charlotte's Web's New Look

After looking at all your awesome blogs, mum decided to make a header using a montage of photos of our arts and crafts. Of course she needed my help :)!!! So I put together this collection of pictures!!
You like?


  1. Lovely header... btw my favourite person in the whole world is my niece Charlotte (she is 20 months old) :)
    Keep up the good work with the dolly clothes. Check out ebay there are loads and loads of people selling outfits for little Blythe dolls, I can't afford to get one but the outfits are super cute!

  2. Wendy and Charlie-you have outdone yourselves. Your blog looks really beautiful.I love your header, your beautiful work AND your chook. My daughter has 2 chooks- Mildred and Frankie, so I would have to borrow them to have a chookie picture on my page. They are very cute hens - just like yours. I made her a "Chook Bag" for Christmas! This blogging is sooo much fun. Happy stitching.

  3. Thanks for your comment Charlie. I know what you mean- when I get a comment I am so excited. It is lovely to be sharing with fellow stitchers.
    Happy stitching AND blogging.

  4. You did a great job on the header Charlie. That is one curious Chook you have up there. Look's like it's about to step out of the screen. Had to grab my cup of tea and biscuit this morning.... thought it was after them!!


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