Tuesday 8 March 2011

A Boys Story quilt

I am working away on the Boys Story Quilt by Anni Downs of Hatched and Patched.  I bought the book and let my son, Josh, choose the quilt he wanted (he's 11).  I was pleased this was the one he picked because it was my favourite too!  I started in January this year and have just completed the 13 stitcheries so I am now working on the first applique block.  This is the first time I have tried needle-turn applique so it is a new experience for me.

If anyone reads this entry, I would be interested if there is a specific thread you should use for the needle-turn applique?  I wondered if it would be ok to use 1 strand of the DMC thread so I have lots of colour choices to match the fabric?
I had always read in blogs about the lovely comments people leave and it is so true and so encouraging.  A big thank you to those who have left comments already!
Happy stitching


  1. Hey Wendy and Charlie.

    Wendy your the little stitcheries are super cute! I have yet to venture into needle turn (im a bit of a blanket stitch girl with the quilt I am working on at the moment).
    My mum and I (me being 22 so older than your daughter) have been considering starting a crafting blog too, after seeing you guys start up yours im considering this more :)


  2. Hi Wendy and Charlie - love those stitcheries, there is so much work in those! And Charlie the clothes you made on the latest post are awesome - great work!

    Wendy, thanks for visiting my blog and leaving me a lovely comment. I can't find an email for you to reply about needleturn applique. If you want to email me at nickyw76 at yahoo dot com I will get back to you about that.

    So great to 'meet' some new bloggers, keep up the great work, Nicky


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