Sunday 6 March 2011

The Beginning

My 14 year old daughter, and I have enjoyed looking at all the creative blogs and decided to start our own.  We have no experience so bear with us as we stumble over the technical difficulties of the blogging world.  The push for me to start was the Vignette blog as I loved the magazine and started the first block.  This is the first time I have done a mystery quilt so I am excited for the next magazine and to see how the quilt progresses.
We have come up with the system of my text being black and my daughters text being purple.
The name of our blog was my idea seeing that my name is Charlotte, the most awesome name ever!! I have always wanted a blog so this is pretty exciting for me. About the whole technical difficulties thing, only my mum will find the blogging hard!!

Here is a photo of the first Vignette mystery quilt block.  I chose quite different colours because I hope it will end up in my (and my husband's) bedroom.
My mum is trying to teach me to do sewing, cross stitch and crochet, but I need a LOT of practice! We are still buying a digital camera (Mum uses the good old-fashioned one still)  so I can't put a picture of my days achievement but it's coming soon!
Well, that's it for blog number 1!!



  1. Congratulations Wendy and Charlotte ... welcome to blogland.... you will be addictive.
    Love your Vignette block Wendy!
    Look forward to seeing your creations also Charlotte!
    Happy stitching to you both, P

  2. Great idea to blog in tandem. sounds like Charlotte has a handle on all the 'tech' stuff so no worries there. Look forward to seeing your creative work too Charlotte.
    Happy blogging

  3. welcome to blog land, there are many of us out there as you realise. I love all the sewing you guys have done so far. Charlotte I learnt to sew from my mum too when I was a little girl, mums are great at showing you how to do things, sadly I know have 2 boys but they both are keen to learn to sew.


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