Sunday 9 December 2012

Christmas crafting

Another fab weekend is drawing to a close.  I really appreciate a sunny weekend after a week of rain!  We have been enjoying some crafting here:  Charlie and I helped my Sunday School kids make these cute snowmen baubles with their own hand prints, the idea came from the Handmade Christmas magazine; Charlie has been making sweet button decorations so I bought a little tree to hang them on; I have started making Christmas Bon Bon's for gifts; and I made this yummy jelly slice which has been very popular and quite Christmasy looking.  The recipe was told to me last week and I will try to pass it on to you:

Jelly Slice:

  1. Mix a jelly packet with 1 Tbspn of gelatin and 1 cup hot water. Mix well and pour into container to set.
  2. Mix one can sweetened condensed milk with 2 Tbspns of gelatin, 1/2 cup cold water and 1/2 cup boiling water. Mix well and pour half of mixture over the set jelly layer and set in fridge.  Reserve other half of mixture.
  3. Make another packet of jelly as in step 1 and pour over set condensed milk layer. Let jelly set in fridge.
  4. Once the jelly is set, pour the remaining condensed milk mixture over it and put in fridge to set.
  5. Make another packet of jelly as in step 1 and pour over and set.

You could make this slice in different colours to suit the occasion, perhaps your team colours, etc.  I hope my instructions are clear enough!

I got a lovely parcel on Saturday too, a wonderful gift from Donna for being part of her Farmer's Wife Quiltalong.  Thank you for your generosity Donna, I look forward to using the product you have given me.  Wendy xx


  1. Beautiful decorations, hand made one are the most treasured in our house. I have a few the boys made when they were little.

  2. Such fabulous things in this post and wow, that jelly slice looks delicious.

  3. Great pre Christmas activities. I love the button ornaments.

  4. You have been busy and I think I need to be giving that jelly slice a go. hugs

  5. What a lovely thought to send you the gift for the QAL. Love the really know Christmas is near with all the preparations going on

  6. Those baubles are gorgeous, handmade or decorated ornaments are the best.

    Delicious looking slice, just right for a hot Christmas.

    Enjoy your fabric gift.

  7. Bet the children loved decorating the baubles,they look just lovely.
    The jelly looks good,havnt had jelly in years.
    Charlie's button ornaments are lovely.
    Enjoy what's left of your weekend.
    Laura xx

  8. I love all your christmas items and the jelly looks yummy.

  9. looks like you are still in Christmas crafting mode. Love the little baubles and the button decorations.
    Jelly slice is always a winner in our house too.

  10. Very crafty and christmassy, Wendy. The handprint ornaments are a fabulous idea and the button hangings very cute. Wasn't Donna a sweetie to send lovely gifts out (I haven't blogged about mine yet). Have a fun week!

  11. Love your Christmas craft items you have been busy making Wendy

  12. yummy slice and cute decorations Wendy.xx

  13. The Christmas decorations look great. The jello looks yummy.

  14. Beautiful baubles !!!and lovely gifts !

  15. Such fun decorations , I love homemade decorations , they add charm to the tree. Lovely gifts too !!

  16. Decorations look great and the slice looks yummy- I might put a biscuit base under it-thanks for the recipe.

  17. Do love the look of the kids baubles.
    I havent made jelly slice for ages but mine has like a biscuit/cake base. You have received a lovely gift from your friend too.

  18. What a fun week Wendy!! Such adorable ornaments and those snowmen look fun (I just might have to make some of those with my son). Your stitching once again looks amazing! :)

  19. how adorable are those snowman baubles.... I do love home made decorations and that jelly slice is tagged... yummo..... thanks


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