Saturday 7 May 2011

Progress ...

I am very excited to say that I have finished the Vignette quilt blocks 2 and 3 ... lots of stitching but I got there!  A niece asked me the other day if I get sick of all the stitching but I really don't ... I said to me it is as relaxing as reading, yet I feel even better about it because I am accomplishing something ... I guess only another stitcher would understand the relaxation and satisfaction that stitching gives!!

A close up showing the beautiful Cottage Garden variegated thread - I love this look!
 I have also been stitching away on my hexagons and also love doing these, although my fingers are getting a bit sore!  I have decided to make 20 hexagon flowers and then sew them into a row as I love seeing progress!!  I have made my first 20 so I have started sewing them together ... this is how far I have got ...
It is a beautiful autumn day here - I love autumn - and our little cat, Holly, kept me company outside as I took the above photos ...

Sweet little Holly
And one last photo, this really funny one that Charlotte took of the chickens...
Well, I hope you are all enjoying your Saturday, Wendy


  1. I absolutely love your colors and your work Wendy. You are so inspiring. What is the name of your fabric or is it just scraps of that color toning?
    Take care..

  2. I agree your colours look great and you've done well to finish all that stitching- I have the first 2 issues but have not started yet, one day....Good work with your hexagons- I have lots of 'petals' just waiting to be sewn into flowers

  3. Your quilt blocks and stitcherys are looking gorgeous!!!! And I love the colours of your hex's they are going to look awesome!well done!
    Sorry about the sore fingers thou, the price you pay for beauty?
    Happy stitching,Michelle.

  4. Wow you have been busy! They both look amazing!

  5. It is wonderful!! Wow!! And no, I don't think I'll tire of stitching either. I just wish I had more time for it!

  6. Your Vignette blocks are fabulous. So are your hexies. I know what you mean about hexie sewing and sore fingers... my left thumb joint lets me know I'm gripping those little blighters way to hard while I sew!
    Charlies Chickens are hysterical!! Great photo. They really cracked me up. :))

  7. You Vignette stitching quilt is looking beautiful Wendy. I agree with you.I never get sick of stitching. It is so relaxing and watching the design grow is a thrill. Your cat and chickens are very photogenic!!


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