Sunday 8 May 2011

Happy Mother's Day

Yesterday I found time to make a mug rug for my dear mum for Mother's day ...
Be Still mug rug - Michele Hester designs

My points are not very good at all but I like the overall look of it and I love that I found a mug that matches so perfectly!!  I found the pattern here and thought it would be just right for Mum who is becoming quite frail.
I was spoilt today and one of the gifts I was given was some fat quarters!!!  A bunch of beautiful reds, I will be able to turn some of them into hexagons.
Happy Mother's day everyone!  Wendy


  1. What a beautiful mug rug and happy mothers day

  2. Happy Mother's Day!!! Love your mug rug as that is one of my favorite Bible passages. I might have to make one too. Your hexagon quilt is coming right along and looks wonderful. I love your colors and I'm thinking my next one is going to have to be pinks!

  3. A lovely mug rug Wendy, glad you had a great day..

  4. Your mug rug is lovely, the colours are so pretty.

  5. Love the rug mat, we don't have them over here, I'll have to make some, love the mugs as well!.


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