Sunday 1 May 2011


I have finally started sewing hexagons for the Vignette Hexagon quilt.  Here is my start ...

Barney decided to sit on the hexie's just as I tried to take a photo ... typical!

Just like all the comments I have read, these hexie's become quite addictive and it is very satisfying seeing the pile grow!  I am starting to work more production-line style, cutting lots out, then move onto gluing, and then sewing them into flowers ... I think I am getting slightly quicker!!
I'm off to the quilt shop tomorrow for more red thread so hopefully I will be able to show some progress with the Vignette mystery quilt this week.
Well, Barney is on my knee so that is excuse enough to stay sitting here and to get some more hexie's made!
Happy sewing, Wendy


  1. I love your hexies and Barney! Why is it, that as soon as you start stitching it's like an invite for the cat to come and sit on your knee and help!
    Happy stitching, Michelle.

  2. well done i love the colours and fabric that you have chosen

  3. Love the colours of your hexi flowers!

  4. Hi Wendy,
    I love the colors of your hexies, pink is my favorite!
    Take care

  5. This is going to be such a beautiful I might have to make another in pink...:) Oh goodness, how addicting are these things?

  6. I just love your hexagons !!!
    I think Lynette has given me the virus...I'm totally ready to start a quilt now !!! But maybe after I've finished some others....maybe....
    When I see your so beautiful flowers....I dream !!!


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