Wednesday 28 December 2011

Holiday sewing

It always amazes me how I spend a month or more planning, making lists and organizing for a special day and then it passes so quickly.  Christmas day was lovely though and everything went perfectly!  I was given a new book, "You Sew, Girl!" by Nicole Mallalieu which I am enjoying reading and will hopefully make some of the projects from it. 
The last few days I have so enjoyed not having a list, deadlines to meet or any commitments and have grabbed opportunities to get some Vignette sewing done.  I have started working on the middle blocks, blocks 6 and 7 ...
Because I don't have many lighter fabrics, I decided to use one fabric for the background instead of piecing it as in the pattern.  I am enjoying the needleturn as a change from the border blocks that have such a lot of stitching.  A while ago I got a "Learn Needleturn Applique with Sarah Fielke" DVD with the Quilters Companion magazine #51 and it has been very useful.  I now finger press my applique shapes before stitching and Sarah also teaches a really easy way to make circles which I am finding so helpful I thought I'd share ...
Start with your circle cut out of card (here it is a 1"), cut your fabric slightly bigger, and cut a small square of tinfoil.
Layer the tinfoil, then the fabric and then the circle shape cut out of card.
Tightly fold the tinfoil around the circle shape, folding the fabric up tightly with the tinfoil.
Iron your little tinfoil parcel, leave it to cool a few minutes as it gets very hot.
Once cool, unpeel the tinfoil, carefully remove the card and you are left with an almost perfect circle for sewing!  Clever, isn't it!!  This is the DVD.
And now for a bit of cuteness ...

I have been missing all your wonderful blogs so I hope to have a catch up soon!
Happy stitching, Wendy


  1. Wow your centre blocks are comming along just perfectly. I am busy stitching my blocks 5 and 9 then hope to show them off with my centre blocks soon Looks like Holly needs a new a bigger pot to curl up in :o) Hugs, Sharon

  2. Good on you to be sewing already after the feastivities.
    I am still trying to get over the fun food and family. Haven't even thought of sewing yet!!
    Nice project you are working on.

  3. Wendy your quilt is coming along nicely,well done.xx

  4. your centre looks lovely.... I also enjoyed that DVD....

  5. Thank you for the tip...your centre block for the quilt is looking good...

  6. am loving the centre of your vignette!
    Can't wait to see more.
    amazing how cats can fit their bottom in to such small places. She does look cosy.

  7. I like your block very much. Thank your for sharing the secret of a perfect circle.

  8. I'm always amazed by your quickness to do the Vignette blocks !!
    It is a pleasure to visit you !

  9. Hi Wendy, loved seeing your centre blocks and can't wait to see some more! Your kitty is sooo cute sitting in the pot!

  10. A slower pace is always welcome after Christmas and great to see you are putting it to good use :-) The circle-tin foil idea is a great one - I'm sure I will be trying that out; I have that DVD but haven't had a look at it yet - shame on me!

  11. What a fantastic tip for the circles. Holly is such a cutie. Hope 2012 brings you much happiness.

  12. Thanks for the great tip, will be trying that one out. Maybe your cat thinks hes catnip.

  13. Your needleturn looks like it's going brilliantly! I have enjoyed that DVD too, it's so great to see different techniques........
    Your Holly is a sweetie!

    Happy New Year to you and your family!

  14. You can definitely see your enthusiasm in the work you write.

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