Thursday 1 December 2011

Great Global Christmas swap

I completed my swap gift for the Great Global Christmas swap a couple of weeks ago and it has already arrived in America to my swap partner Kim (no blog).  That means I can show you what I made for Kim ...
Good Friends Warm the Heart wall hanging - Michelle Ridgeway design from a Country Threads magazine
I also made Kim a bag to put the chocolates in ...
Festive Tree bag - Hatched and Patched design
And I added chocolates to the bag and gave Kim a tea towel and a fridge magnet with Pavlova recipe on it ...
Kim has posted my parcel and I am loving the thought of receiving something all the way from America!  A big thank you to Fiona Marie for organizing this swap.
We have just come home from a yummy dinner out to celebrate my father's birthday ...

Happy birthday Dad!
Family gatherings feel very special and caring after losing Mum and Dad has been such a dear in his obvious love of Mum.
In other news, the lovely Cherise has awarded me the Liebster Award.
This award is to showcase up and coming blogs with less than 200 followers.  Thank you so much Cherise for giving me this award and for the lovely comment you left!   The rules are to copy and post the award on your blog, thank the person who sent you the award and link back to their blog, then pick five blogs and leave them a comment.  Last time I received an award I struggled to pass it on in case other's didn't really want it, but this time I thought I would award it to some of the lovely ladies that I 'met' first through blog land, ones that meet the criteria, of course. 
I love all the blogs that I read and I appreciate ALL the wonderful and encouraging comments I receive, thank you.
Happy stitching, Wendy


  1. Wendy what a lovely parcel you sent off to America,your partner will be wrapped that wall hanging is stunning,well done.
    And happy birthday to your dad,hope he had a wonderful day.xo

  2. beautiful goodies Wendy! Love the fabrics you have used.
    Your dad looks very happy in the photo.

  3. What a lovely parcel to receive. I think your partner will be very happy.

  4. Lovely gifts you sent to Kim.... and happy birthday to your Dad.. he has very kind eyes...

  5. Happy birthday to your dad and what lovely gifts to send to Kim.

  6. Hello Wendy,

    I love the gifts you made for Kim. Happy Birthday to your Dad, he looks so happy, hope he has a wonderful year ahead.
    happy days.

  7. Wendy,

    Once again, what beautiful work you have done...Kim is a very lucky girl and I'm sure she will be so excited to receive your gift!!! Thank you so much for the Liebster award!!!

  8. Oh what a beautiful parcel to send away - I'm sure Kim will be delighted with it -- I just love the Scandinavian Christmas range!! Congratulations on your award :-) and Happy Birthday to your Dad - I hope you had a great dinner.

  9. I love what you have sent your swap partner, what a lucky lady. I too took part in this swap and now have a wonderful new friend in the US we have been exchanging emails regularly.

  10. Beautiful project Wendy. Happy birthday to your dad.

  11. A very Happy Birthday to your Dad. How special he has such a loving family to support him through these milestones without your Mum.
    I thought that little cup was familiar. LOL!

  12. Wendy Happy Birthday to your dad. I just love your stitching and I just love Michelle's design's. Oh boy and I just love your bag filled with chocolate's. mmmmm. I am your newest follower. I would like to invite you to visit my blog at

  13. Hi Wendy,
    I love the presents you made...
    Happy Birthday to your Dad... he is a lucky man to have a family like yours...

  14. Thanks Wendy. You were the first person to post a comment on my blog too, so I should send the award straight back!! Thank you also for all the encouraging comments you send. Have a great week.

  15. Hey Wendy, thanks for the award - very cool!! What a great swap, they are beauitful, I love the fabric. Hope all is well, Michelle.

  16. Wow, Wendy, what a wonderful parcel you put together. Happy birhday to your dad - he looks lovely.


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