Saturday 6 August 2011

Hexagon progress

This week has been busy, trying to catch up on work now the children are back at school, but there have also been really special days.  I had my birthday on Tuesday and was spoilt by my family, although I loved my gifts what made it really special is that they obviously wanted to please me and spoil me.  Paul cooked waffles for breakfast (yum!) and Paul and Charlotte cooked a delicious dinner.  By the end of the day I felt very loved and blessed and days like that certainly make up for any times I might feel taken for granted (as is possible as a wife and mother!!)  Wednesday I spent the day with two scrapbooking friends as we all have birthdays in August, it was such a lovely day we have decided to make it an annual tradition!  I gave them the hanging cushions (see here) and they loved them.
So there hasn't been much sewing time for me this week apart from hexagons as they are so easy to take along with me and stitch when I have spare moments.  I have now finished my third row ...
... three down, four more rows to go!
The only other sewing I have done this week was adding rusty bells and a hanger to the hanging cushions and the Christmas wallhanging ...

The bells arrived from The Home Patch just in time for me to sew on before the cushions were given away.
I did buy some new fabric this week ...

The fabric on the left is Scandinavian Christmas fabric by Lynette Anderson Designs (very gorgeous) which I am thinking of using for the Cookies & Cream Christmas Club August pattern.  The pattern has stripe fabric in it so I am deciding out of the two stripes on the right.  I tea-dyed some calico ready for the pattern and also to make a Tilda doll ... I have joined a Tilda Sew Along that Lisa of Lydias Treasures is hosting and that I had seen on Shez's blog.  See the button on my side bar if you are interested.
The Farmer's Wife book arrived this week, I am so tempted to join in with the quilt a-long for this, hmm, I think I need some more fabric!!
The boys have returned from soccer and are wanting food so it must be time to feed the troops!  I hope you all have a wonderful weekend, happy stitiching, Wendy.


  1. Beautiful sewing here. I love your hexie flower garden

  2. Happy Birthday! We share the same day :o)

    Love the Hexie flowers and the new Fabric :o)

    "Jump In" with the Farmer ..... it is a lot of fun ... I'm off to cut my next two block out right now :o)

  3. Its lovely when your family spoil you for your birthday, I'm glad you had a lovely day.
    Your hexagon quilt is looking fantastic, well done.

  4. Happy birthday !!!! (better late than never !)
    Your hexies are really beautiful !! Every time I see them they give me the desire to make some "brothers" !!!!
    How is the Farmer's wife quilt ??? Let me know how you like this book !

  5. Happy Birthday... sounds like you had a great week and some lovely work... I got my rusty bells and hanger too... but I haven't been good and sewn them on yet.... Your hexie flowers are looking stunning..

  6. Glad you had a nice day, love your hexis, mine are coming along but all scrappy so will have to work on them some more when I go on holiday soon. The rusty bells look great on your 'finished' projects, I need some of those! What is the Farmers wife quilt? I haven't heard of that
    Have a nice weekend.

  7. Happy Birthday Wendy! So happy to hear you were spoiled on your big day...... makes it all worthwhile when you are shown how much you are appreciated. Your hexies are looking fabulous. I love those new fabrics too!

  8. You have been busy- what a nice way to spend your 'special days'- your hexagons look wonderful...

  9. what great finishes Wendy and HAPPY BIRTHDAY glad you had a great day.oxox

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  11. Your pink flowers are so pretty & love the hanging cushions you gave the girls. Glad you were spoilt on your special day! Tracee xx

  12. Happy Birthday Wendy...guess what? Tuesday was my son's birthday too! :) What a wonderful day for both of you! Love your projects (of course), and I'll have to tell you about the templates I found to use with the Farmer's wife quilt. I think they will be wonderful! :) I'm still thinking I want to make a red hexagon quilt as yours is just beautiful! I think I need to go shopping to find some of that fabric you just received.

  13. Happy Happy Birthday Wendy, hope your day was extra special... I love your work, can't wait to see all the things you make with Cookies and Cream..xx

  14. Happy Birthday Wendy. So lovely that your family made the day so special for you. Your hexagon quilt is looking just gorgeous. We are off on Friday and i think I am going to do hexies during the 20+ hours it takes to get to Europe. I also love your Lynette Anderson fabric. I have seen it on Lynette's site but seeing it all beautifully stacked together makes me want to invest in some!!

  15. Happy Birthday. Sounds like you had a good one.
    The hexies look great. Look forward to seeing what you make with the Lynette Anderson fabric.


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