Monday 29 August 2011

Boys Story quilt finished!

I have been slowly stitching the binding on the Boys Story quilt and it is now finished and on Josh's bed ...
A Boys Story quilt - designed by Anni Downs
I used one of the stitcheries for the label

Here it is on my bed so you can see it better, with the Robot cushion
Needless to say, Josh loves it and I LOVE that I have finished it!
Thank you so much for all your kind and thoughtful expressions of sympathy in the recent loss of my precious mum.  Your comments and emails have warmed my heart and I am grateful for the friendship I have received. 
I am being very brave because I will post a photo of me!  Here is a favourite photo of myself and Mum, taken in May 2010.
 Blessings, Wendy


  1. Oh Wendy, that is such a beautiful photo.. you look so like your mum.. she must have been a special lady, and would have been so proud of you..
    I absolutely love your Boys Story Quilt.. I may have to make one now for Max!!
    Sending you hugs..xxxx

  2. You can be proud of your work !! Your quilt is splendid !!
    There still will be some difficult times but you know your mum will be always in your heart !

  3. Wendy boys story looks fantastic,well done,i cant wait to start for my grandson.
    What a lovely photo and such special memories of your mum and you.oxox

  4. Hi Wendy, what a beautiful photo of you and your mum. Your Boy Story Quilt has sold me! I have ordered the book and am looking forward to starting it for my one and only Nephew Liam. Huge thank you for the inspiration xx

  5. Hi Wendy, your quilt looks wonderful, I'd love to make one for each of my grandsons, as I have 4 that's not going to happen LOL.
    The picture of you and you mum is lovely, definitely one to treasure. Have a great week. :0)

  6. Well done on your quilt finish. I just love it! Your progress helped spur me on to finish my top. The quilting will have to wait I am afraid.. The label uses one of my favourite stitcheries.
    Your photo is lovely. You two are peas in a pod.

  7. A lovely picture of you and your mum and your quilt is stunning....

  8. Beautiful photo Wendy -you look like your mum, you have her smile. Treasure the memories.
    I love the finished quilt, Josh is so lucky. I think it is one of the best boy quilts around, well done.

  9. It's looks fantastic on Josh's bed. Well done.
    I love your photo of you and your Mum. Certainly one to treasure. I can see you are your Mum's daughter. Take care. Michelle xx

  10. That is a lovely photo of you and your mum..the quilt looks great on the bed.

  11. Great photo of you and your the quilt too...

  12. Hi Wendy, found your blog through Melody's blog. What a wonderful pic of you and your mom. And I love the quilt. What a treasure you have made for your son! It's gorgeous, and I love the label you made for it. That makes it even more special.


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