Saturday 4 June 2011

Homework, Homework, HOMEWORK!

Recently, I've had enough homework to snow-in a yeti and, somehow, my teachers expected me to have it all in on the correct dates!!!  I've had essays, reading responses, math exercises, totem poles, and a diary!!
To get it all in, I had to work late and get up early-woohoo (not)!!
Our criteria was to make a diary for one of the people in "I Heard an Owl Call My Name". Ever read it?
Our cover page was worth 30% of the mark and it had to be fancy...sooo this is what I did:

My owl diary
  Hopefully my teacher likes it!!!
Somehow, during all this hw, I managed to fit in a bit of baking!!! I made one HUGE chocolate cake, and 4 cupcakes...with real chocolate icing :)

Three for me and one for you all to share!!!
Happy stitching, sewing and long-weekending!!


  1. Your journal cover is amazing. Clever, clever you.

  2. well done the owl looks great

  3. Your journal cover is wonderful...and the cupcakes look really good too! :)

  4. Stunning cover Charlotte! Good luck with the result..

  5. Think you just nailed 30% with that cover! It's great.. love the feathers.
    Now... that cupcake with the J on it is obviously for me... J for Josie... right? Please pack it carefully before you ship it... don't want to have to lick chocolate off the's undignified!

  6. Your journal cover is wonderful Charlie. Hope you get full marks! "I heard the owl call my name" is an amazing book- your cover is worthy of it. Keep up your good work. The choccy cakes look very yummy too. Excellent for keeping up your strength for schoolwork!!

  7. Hi Charlie - I really love your cover page - looks great! And I do remember reading that book at school a very looooooong time ago. LOL
    Good luck with your assignment.
    BTW - those cupcakes look so yum!


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