Friday 24 June 2011

A good day

Today was one of those days that felt good and I accomplished a lot!  I had my fire going, I got through lots of work and then, as my reward, I got some preparation work done for sewing ...

I have traced the pattern for block 4 of the Vignette Mystery quilt

The cutting is done for the 7 shoo fly blocks
I have also traced another robot to make this gorgeous cushion to go with the Boys Story quilt
I am hoping to get the shoo fly blocks made over the weekend so I will be all ready to start stitching next week ... we'll see!!
Barney loves the fire as much as I do so he has had a lazy inside day.  Here he is on Charlie's bean bag, he actually thinks it's his and will do his best to get her off when he wants to hop on, otherwise they look pretty cute together when they share! Happy sewing, Wendy


  1. gee you are going very well with the vignette quilt and from watching your progress with the boys story quilt i have ordered one so i cant wait to do this quilt also and love that cushion also.
    Barney looks right at home,lol.

  2. You have done all the boring bits Wendy,the tracing and cutting, now for the fun part, the stitching! Your cushion will be lovely with the beautiful quilt. Bet Josh can't wait to have it in his room.
    Barney looks like he is supervising your work. Bet it was cosy by the fire.

  3. there is a lot of stitching in that mystery quilt! Looks heavenly.
    What a gorgeous cat. They know the best places don't they.

  4. You must love fall as much as I do...I seem to be much more productive on the cool fall evenings. Great progress and I can't wait to see all that stitching done...:) I'm still loving that Boy's Story!

  5. It doesn't seem like we've chatted in forever! I had to drop out of Vignette for now. I just could not buy the magazine. But I will enjoy watching the progress. I look forward to seeing your finished block 4!

  6. Hi Wendy, you have been so busy again. I am concentrating on finishing everything I have started at the moment, but I really miss doing new projects.. Your boys story is inspiring.xx

  7. I can't believe you have already made a new Vignette block !!! Bravo !
    Barney is beautiful...I love black cats. Enjoy your stitching time now !

  8. It's such a great feeling when you get things accomplished that you have been wanting to do... the Vignettes I have seen look lovely - I'm sure you will enjoy doing yours..

  9. I love days like this, accomplishing so much, but Barneys got the right idea too, snuggling in a comfy spot near the fire.


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