Saturday 31 October 2015

Natalie's quilt

A couple of weekends ago I decided this quilt had been dragging on and I was in danger of loosing interest.  That thought spurred me on to get more blocks done and I am feeling pleased with my progress.  I now have only one more large basket block to make and then six mini baskets before I can start piecing it together ... it suddenly feels achievable!  The first photo shows the latest blocks I made and then all the blocks together.

After today another month is finished!  Here are some of the happenings for October:
From three chooks to two, our girls are getting old and not laying
Josh's team won their 5 aside soccer tournament
Getting a window seat installed
After a lazy winter I'm walking again, 40 minutes to get around our local lake
Our Charlie had a birthday
Colours of my latest knitting project
Apple and pear blossoms, hopefully we will have our first fruit this year
And progress made!

Thanks as always for your visit, happy weekend to you! Wendy xx


  1. fabulous baskets! Will you add some pieced blocks, sashings in between or join back to back? happy birthday Charlie! Everything is looking very 'springing'.

  2. Wendy, the basket blocks are looking beautiful, such gorgeous fabrics! Lovely to catch up on your news

  3. great advance in your baskets, it's good to keep some momentum up specially now you are on the home stretch. they look wonderful.
    lots of goings on at your place in october. Happy birthday to charlie!

  4. Almost November no idea where this year has flown to.Love the baskets ,and all your colour choices.Your lovely daughter is growing into a beautiful young woman.
    Pretty colours in the yarn,but you gave us no clues to what it is .xx

  5. Nbaskets always make lovely quilts. Sometimes you just have to get over that halfway are almost finished now. We are hoping for some fruit on our trees this year too.

  6. I love your baskets, Wendy. That is such a lovely photo of Charlie.

  7. I love your basket pretty. It looks like October was busy. Happy belated birthday to your Charlie...we have a tiny Charlie here too xx

  8. Hi Wendy, beautiful baskets & just love the fabrics you are using. Happy Belated Birthday to Charlie too. You sure packed alot into October. Its such a lovely month with spring everywhere.

  9. The baskets quilt will be beautiful when you get it together Wendy...
    WOW a busy October....

  10. It is great when we get that push to finish a quilt we are losing interest in! I am in the same boat! Happy bday to charlie!! Apple and pear blossoms don't you love this time of year.

  11. Good on you for pulling out the quilt blocks, Wendy - they are lovely and deserve to be completed!! It looks like your family are all doing well, and isn't spring a lovely time of the year?!

    1. What a gorgeous quilt Wendy. There is something so appealing about basket blocks. Lovely photos of your month's happenings

  12. love your basket blocks.. it's going to be wonderful... and happy birthday to Charlie, what a beautiful girl she is and well doen to Josh's team... fun to be out especially winning!! love you colours for knitting.... oh so much to see...x

  13. Love those baskets - you are probably sewing them together by now.

  14. Waow ! great job Wendy !!

  15. great advance in your baskets.great job.thank for share

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