Thursday 24 July 2014

School holidays

Charlie is safely home and had a wonderful time, it was such a pleasure to hear she fully participated in the experience and loved it all.  Once she was home we spent two days in Taupo, staying in an apartment that looked out to the lake.  Such a beautiful place to visit with snow-capped mountains, Huka waterfall, the lake, and geothermal attractions.  But now the school holidays are over and the routine of term three has begun.
I have managed some sewing in between working and holidaying.  I made the Colette Mabel skirt, using a heavyweight merino ponti knit.  I made size large which ended up being too big, particularly around the waist, so I altered the waistband to make it fit.  I also added 2.5" to the length.  I don't think this is the most flattering pattern on me as it hugs the hips and thighs (the area of my body I try to hide!!), however it is such a warm, comfy skirt especially when paired with my warmest, thickest tights.  I wore it in Taupo with a long cardigan and I think it looked okay.
I also made the Plantain T-shirt which is a free pattern by Deer & Doe.  This is my third time using this pattern, it makes such a great layering top.  The first one was in white cotton knit and the second in a grey and brown merino.  This last one is my favourite, made in black merino.  I added to the length by about 1.5" and added cuffs to the sleeves as I love a long sleeve in winter, keeping my wrists toasty warm.  You may notice a seam under the bust with the black one, I couldn't quite fit the front piece on my fabric so cut it into two - call it a design feature!  I definitely don't plan on wearing the T-shirt and skirt by themselves but layered with other clothes.  These makes just happen to fit in perfectly with The Monthly Stitch where the challenge this month is to sew in monochrome. Wendy xx


  1. Lovely photo of Charlie & her new friends! Wonderful for her to have had a good time.
    Lovely clothes you have made, all look good to me. Ahhhh Taupo, a place I once called home! I miss that view & the crisp winter air!

  2. Hi Wendy lots of lovely pics and so glad that Charlie enjoyed herself and I love your new clothes,you are very clever making your own.xx

  3. lovely pics Wendy,
    beautiful pictures of the lake and great additions to your wardrobe.

  4. You look great in you new skirt! You are inspiring me to do some sewing for myself :)

  5. Beautiful photos......of the scenery and you! I had to go back and look at the skirt photo, I think it looks fantastic with boots and a cardy. Well done.

  6. Fabulous pictures Wendy.Beautiful country you live in.
    You've been very busy with the sewing,your homemade wardrobe is growing,and beautiful with it.

  7. What a gorgeous photo of Charlie and her new little friends. I'm sure she had a wonderful time. The Wendy Designer wardrobe is certainly growing!

  8. wonderful that Charlie had such a great time.... and lovely spot for your always I am very impressed with your lovely dressmaking...

  9. I think the skirt looks perfectly fine on you. I would love to be able to make some of my own clothes, being short & apple shaped it's a bit hard to find clothes that fit well. Love Taupo. looks like they could be in for a good ski season

  10. Hello Wendy and Charlie,

    Great to hear you had a wonderful time helping the children on your holiday Charlie.
    Wendy your wardrobe must be filled with mostly clothes made by you, your plan is certainly working.
    Lake Taupo,love that part of New Zealand.

    Happy days.

  11. Hi Wendy, Looks like Charlie had a wonderful time & I'll bet the children just loved her.
    I think your new makes are just so lovely - you should feel very proud wearing clothes you have made yourself. The skirt looks perfectly fine on you too by the way. Hope you are managing to keep warm x0x


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