Monday 14 May 2012

Weekend good things

Lots of good things from the weekend:
- a pretty vase of roses (Charlie chose these because she thought they looked vintagey)
- dying a beige jacket a beautiful blue and changing the button for one of mum's old ones (I will wear it now!)
- two lovely new books to read
- finishing another block for Charlie's quilt and starting on the next one
- loving having a fire on wet, dreary days, Barney loves it too
- Sunday lunch at my father in laws, yummy home-made pumpkin soup
- knowing my father is healthy (he fainted at soccer on Saturday and kept fainting when they tried to sit him up so he was taken to hospital in the ambulance with a low heart rate of 48, but was discharged late afternoon after all tests were normal.)
All these simple pleasures make my heart full of gratitude.  Wendy xx


  1. Sometimes it's the simple things in life that bring us the most joy.
    Didn't your jacket turn out great, I've never thought to do that.

  2. the roses are just lovely... I first thought you must've got two similar jackets.. the dying has made such a big difference.... love your books and stitching and so glad you dad is ok.... must've given everyone a fright...

  3. yes i agree with Leeanne the simple things that mean the most ,love those roses Charli you did a great job in picking those ones and i am so glad your dad is okay.xx

  4. Simple things are sometimes the greatest blessings and I'm so pleased your Dad is ok too!

  5. Glade that your dad is ok. Beautiful flowers and I to have to agree that sometimes the simpilist things are often the best. hugs

  6. A lovely weekend spent with loved ones.
    your jacket turned out really well.The roses are beautiful.
    Glad your dad is OK. Do they know what caused him ti

  7. So glad your dad is Ok. I to love the fire on when its miserable outside, it makes our house feel so warm and cozy. Lovely books to. Enjoy.

  8. Wendy...the roses are beautiful and I just purchased one of those books this week too! So sorry to hear your dad is having troubles, I will keep him in my prayers...for good health! Glad things are going so well..and I love Charlie's quilt!

  9. Lovely post and I am pleased your Father is okay...

  10. Sounds like a lovely weekend - glad that your father is ok. Your dyeing job was inspired - great result. I just received Lynette's latest book too (very nice!).Have a great week!

  11. Im glad your dad is ok Wendy. It sounds like you had a great weekend.. love the roses! gorgeous colour. That Zakka book looks very interesting

  12. Love the 'new' jacket - the colour really worked wonders.
    Great new reading material.
    Nothing like the fire to warm cold nights.
    Enjoy the warmth.

  13. Those flowers are just beautiful, well chosen:) I spy a lovely craft book or two there. I've been thinking of getting that Zakka Style book, might have to see if the library has it. I'm so glad to hear that your father-in-law is ok, it must have been scary for all of you. Have a lovely week. x

  14. Simple pleasures make us happy !!
    Lovely roses, beautiful quilt, great books and good news.... what a week !

  15. Glad to hear your Dad is ok firstly, and secondly I have that book 'Zakka style', I love it!

    S x


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