Sunday 13 November 2011

Happy Birthday Josh

It's Sunday evening, I have a cute little cat curled beside me on the couch, the house is peaceful, and I have just finished one of my little sewing projects ... sounds like a pretty nice evening!!
This week we celebrated my son's 12th birthday.  Josh was actually 12 on the 3rd November but we chose to have a little party yesterday, very low key, just three friends for afternoon tea then Paul (husband) took them all to Megazone so they could have fun shooting each other.  Josh still loves Lego so his cake choice was easy, and not too hard to make ... a giant Lego cake ...
Happy birthday Josh!
The cake idea came from a Donna Hay kids magazine and is just slabs of cake with marshmallows on ...
Here is the cake in progress of being iced.
I must say my icing is pretty rough, I think I need to invest in a palette knife to get a better finish!  At least it tasted yummy and Josh was happy with it.
Barney enjoyed playing with (shredding) the wrapping paper.  He is a feisty puss!
I was thrilled to receive lovely mail on Friday ... I just had to make a cup of tea and flick through them straight away ...

Two new magazines in one day is all it takes to get me excited!  The latest Homespun magazine and Mollie Makes which Fiona Marie has made possible to buy in NZ.
And on the sewing front this week I am feeling pretty good.  I have finished my Great Global Christmas swap project, I am just waiting for some bells to add then I can post it all the way to America.  And I finished another little swap project and a gift.  Unfortunately I cannot post photos yet in case my swap partners read my blog.
My next project is a baby gift for a work colleague and I have found the perfect pattern, an owl softie from an old Homespun magazine so I hope to start this week.
So that was my week ... and now I can just imagine being comfy in bed reading Mollie Makes, so if you will excuse me ...
Happy stitching, Wendy


  1. lol,enjoy Wendy,great cake and happy birthday Josh,hope you had a awesome day.

  2. Happy birtday to Josh. I love the birtday cake. Hard is it with those swaps. You can not show them on your blog. But I know you will make beautiful things.

  3. Happy Belated Birthday Josh. My GS would love your cake,he loves Lego too and was lucky enough to go to Legoland this year.

    Enjoy your mags. Love the look of the apples and pears on the front one.

  4. Hi Wendy, love the cake, hope they enjoyed the shooting trip.... Mollie makes, I'll have to look for that one, look at those pincushions.
    Have a good week xx

  5. Happy Birthday Josh!! I made my son a lego cake a few years ago and they are so fun! :) I love that cushion in the background of the magazines, and that Mollie Makes magazine is awesome!

  6. Hi Wendy, sent Josh a belated happy birthday. I love that cake. I have never seen a lego cake and it looks so effective. Enjoy your week.

  7. Josh looks very happy with his cake. My son is 21 and he still loves lego. He looks for unusual lego paraphernalia -key tags, containers etc. Some boys never grow up!

  8. Happy Birthday to are a whizz with these cakes Wendy. A lego cake how cool.

  9. Happy birthday Josh, your cake looks awesome.

    I love the Mollie Makes magazine to, it has lots of great pictures.

  10. You are excused... only because you shared where I can buy my own copy!
    Happy Birthday Josh!
    The cake looks fabulous :O)

  11. Ditto what Michelle said above - thanks for the heads up on the magazine......
    Love that cake, I think I might put an order in for a lego cake for my next birthday - if I can find someone at my house to make it for me! Happy belated birthday wishes to Josh!

  12. Funny, we have a cat called Barney too, is it named after the same purple dinosaur as ours is? Ok our 6 yr old did name her!


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