Saturday 9 July 2011

Christmas in July

It has been a cold winter day ... in fact Charlie just came out from bed to check out the lightning and hail!  Perfect for the fire and stitching though and I have made a start on the Cookies and Cream Christmas Club pattern - The Joy of Christmas by Gail Pan ...
The other day Holly thought all her Christmas' had come at once.  While I was working from home there was a bang on the window and, on investigating through the glass, Holly and I saw a little white-eye (aka silver eye or wax eye) had flown into the window and was sitting stunned in the garden.  There was a moment of silence as Holly and I eyed each other up and then the race was on!  Holly shot out the cat door and I sprinted out the front door, opposable thumbs and the ability to open doors won the day!

I climbed the barbecue table on the deck to put this gorgeous little bird high in the Bottle brush tree so it could recover from it's headache in safety!
Later that evening, still feeling cheated, Holly turned her attention to Rusty (our goldfish) ...
In the end she had to settle for meat from a can!  Holly is one frustrated kitty!!
Happy stitching, Wendy


  1. well done on your xmas project you are very organised

  2. so glad you won the race, what a pretty little bird!
    Love the stitching, I've joined in as well but I'm still waiting for my pattern to arrive.

  3. Beautiful stitching and have to say I love that pattern too! What a lovely bird, so glad you could help them to safety! Silly Holly wouldn't really want to eat that bird, or would she? :)

  4. Had a giggle imagining you racing the cat for the bird. he he.
    I bet that bird is grateful for opposable thumbs and door handles.
    Love your photo display from your tuesday treasures.

  5. Lol!!! Poor Holly, she didn't have a chance did she? Your stitching is beautiful..

  6. Your stitching is beautiful, I have yet to decide what fabric to use on the borders and have just finished tracing! The bird is lucky and poor Holly!
    Happy stitching, Michelle.

  7. Love your stitching Wendy. I have joined the Christmas Club too but haven't done as much as you. You did a good job saving the little silver-eye. Poor Holly- thwarted at every turn!!
    Happy stitching.
    PS I am going to put my Gail Pan stitchery on Sandy's "Monday Show and Tell". I told her it was my incentive to get going for Christmas.

  8. Lovely stitching. Gail's design is gorgeous. Thank heavens the poor little silver eye had a saviour.... poor Holly not his day for big game hunting thank goodness.

  9. Lucky bird! Your Christmas stitching is beautiful, that is such a pretty design, I love it.

  10. Poor Holly !! Her french friend had more luck !! This week Princess Nounouche had come back home very proud from her daily walk...a little bird in her mouth !! I didn't have time to look at it, she had already eaten it !!!! WHY has she to come home to show me all that ????

  11. Thank goodness for opposible thumbs! Well done you for getting to the bird first. I know how tough it can be... racing a determined cat. Fabulous little bird... so pretty. Hope Rusty is ok after being scoped out by Holly.... she's a minx for sure.

    Love your new Christmas project.... I must resist....I must!


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