Saturday 9 April 2011


Wow, long time no blog....
I'm always so busy doing cool things with school, church, family or youth group.Like last, last weekend my youth group (and some party crashers) floated down the Waikato river in inner tubes of car tyres!!! Mine got a hole in it... :(
Here are some of the pictures...

Floating away....

My brother Josh, with a frozen butt!

Huddle like a penguin!
It was raining the entire time and after 3 hours we were all absolutely freezing!
No matter how cold we were no one would admit defeat. In a way it was almost a competition: who gave up first!
A big thanks to every one who helped organise this fantastic event!!!
Bye for now!


  1. he he he... love the caption for your brother's photo! I'm not a fan of cold, but I think I would have liked to do that myself!

  2. That looks like great fun. Bet it wasn't only Josh who froze his butt off.... eh!!


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