Sunday 14 September 2014


Charlie in the middle with her two friends, Amberley and Karen
Spring has truly arrived and the garden is starting to look it's prettiest.  In typical spring fashion we are having a mixture of sunshine and rain. We make the most of the sunshine and have managed some gardening; weeding and planting for me, pruning and mulching for Paul.
Oranges are delicious and plentiful at the moment and a recipe I keep making is Never Fail Orange Cake which I found here.  It is easy to make and has been very popular in our house.
I'm playing catch up with blogging again and am finally posting a photo of Charlie at her banquet.  All the girls looked beautiful and they had a wonderful time.
Josh's quilt is finished and finally in use on his bigger bed; at 6'2" he really needed it.  I haven't managed to get very good photos but you get the idea J  It was quilted by my quilting class leader in an all over pattern of leaves and has a nice masculine look I think which is what I was hoping for.
And finally, I was very fortunate to win Susan's giveaway recently and love the cross stitch pincushion she made and the lovely bundle of fabric. My photo does not really do justice to the pincushion, it is really beautiful, thanks Susan!  Wendy xx


  1. scrummy post! The flowers, oh and the cake!!!! Your sons quilt turn out fabulous! Charlie and her friends look stunning! I hope they had a magic time.

  2. It is lovely to be spring Wendy after a cold winter. Your flowers are so pretty. Charlie and her friends look very glam and I love the quilt you made for your son. Really like the pattern you picked. And what a gorgeous giveaway - lovely win

  3. The quilt is beautiful and very good for a boy. Wndy looks like princess. Enjoy your spring, we have beautiful after summer weather..

  4. We are having a lovely Spring here too, although it don't have as many flowers out as you yet. Charlie and her friends look so beautiful and happy. Great quilt for your son, it is hard to choose fabrics and designs for young men. I'm glad you're enjoying my pincushion, I liked making it too.

  5. Lovely Springtime flowers..
    Charlie and her friends look really beautiful all dressed up.
    Fabulous big quilt for your young man..
    Have a great week.

  6. Lovely post,garden looking lovely.Charlie and her friends all look beautiful.
    Great quilt for your boy,Glad you're having a lovely Spring.xx

  7. Your garden must be looking so pretty, Wendy. Charlie and her friends do look gorgeous. You've done a great job on Josh's quilt. Enjoy your prize from Susan.

  8. Lovely pics Wendy, Charlie and her friends looked gorgeous, I hope they all had a wonderful time. I love orange cake - thanks for the link :) Have a good week.

  9. Spring is such an exciting time... I love seeing the gardens.... Charlie looks just beautiful and I love Josh's quilt... just perfect.... and well done with the lovely prize from Susan...

  10. Your garden is looking colourful & lovely Wendy. Charlie looks so beautiful,you must've felt very proud, she is so grown up now :-)
    Your sons quilt looks amazing too - I adore the colours & fabrics you have chosen.

  11. Hi Wendy boy Charlie looks stunning in her lovely dress,the colour looks awesome on her and gee i love your quilt and lucky you winning the pin cushion,enjoy your day my friend.xx

  12. Hello Wendy,

    Lots of Spring blooms.I am presuming the orange blooms belong to a Clivea. Ours haven't bloomed yet.
    Josh's quilt is just perfect for him. Making cakes from produce from the garden always makes the cakes taste nicer.Lovely fabric and pincushion too.

    Happy days.

  13. So nice to see such pretty spring flowers . Charlie and her friends look beautiful and I love the quilt for your son !

  14. Josh's quilt is wonderful !!!
    How lucky you are to have won this lovely give away !!
    Happy spring to you !

  15. Charlie looked gorgeous! And Your quilt looks great. I must try that recipe for the cake. I love your win from Susan, that fabric looks yummy!!

  16. Lovely post! Beautiful spring flowers, it really is a lovely time of the year. Charlie looks gorgeous and all grown up for her banquet! And Josh's quilt is just great - ideal for a male, well done.

  17. Hi Wendy - oh lots of lovely things to see here - what a gorgeous quilt, very manly - the flowers are so pretty, but not as pretty as Charlie & her friends... x

  18. Hi Wendy,

    Isn't Spring the most wonderful season - love all the blossom and pretty flowers that are about.
    The quilt you made your son is amazing and love the photo of your beautiful daughter and friends.
    Congratulations for winning the giveaway - lovely pincushion and fabrics.
    Hope you are enjoying your Sunday and many thanks for the kind visit to my blog.


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