Sunday, 14 September 2014


Charlie in the middle with her two friends, Amberley and Karen
Spring has truly arrived and the garden is starting to look it's prettiest.  In typical spring fashion we are having a mixture of sunshine and rain. We make the most of the sunshine and have managed some gardening; weeding and planting for me, pruning and mulching for Paul.
Oranges are delicious and plentiful at the moment and a recipe I keep making is Never Fail Orange Cake which I found here.  It is easy to make and has been very popular in our house.
I'm playing catch up with blogging again and am finally posting a photo of Charlie at her banquet.  All the girls looked beautiful and they had a wonderful time.
Josh's quilt is finished and finally in use on his bigger bed; at 6'2" he really needed it.  I haven't managed to get very good photos but you get the idea J  It was quilted by my quilting class leader in an all over pattern of leaves and has a nice masculine look I think which is what I was hoping for.
And finally, I was very fortunate to win Susan's giveaway recently and love the cross stitch pincushion she made and the lovely bundle of fabric. My photo does not really do justice to the pincushion, it is really beautiful, thanks Susan!  Wendy xx

Sunday, 24 August 2014


August has almost come and gone and this is my first post for the month!  Life with two teenagers seems to fly by at a rapid pace.  It has been in my mind often to blog a post but have never quite got the photos (and myself) organised.  So here is a catch-up of some August things: one of the major tasks we completed was doing up the piano stool and the woodbox that we had been gifted.  Paul did all the painting and we did the upholstery together, using a laminated cotton for durability.  I am really happy with how they look especially when I compare them now with the 'before' photos.  I must thank Julie for her helpful advice and paint recommendation J.  
Josh had requested some gloves so I finally finished them for him.  They are not my best knit, I think they look quite rough but he didn't notice and is getting lots of wear out of them.  Once they were finished I started a cardy for myself in a gorgeous blue.  I do find knitting easier to fit in if I am feeling tired or busy and when we are travelling about it is great to have in the car.  My clothes sewing has slowed down despite my plans.  I would like to make myself a jacket but have only got as far as making the muslin which you can see on my dress form.
In between times Charlie had her school banquet and looked beautiful all dressed up.  Well, that's enough of a catch up, next time I will show you Charlie in her dress and Josh's finished quilt!  Wendy xx

Sunday, 27 July 2014

Gift making

A special nieces 20th birthday called for a special gift.  I wanted it to be handmade as she has just made her first dress.  I decided this zippered pouch would be handy to store her sewing/crafting supplies.  The pattern is from Sewing Room Secrets and was an excellent pattern to follow, even the zip was easy to install following the instructions.  The pattern suggests covering a notebook to match so I did and embroidered an 'M' in the corner.  I gave them to Maddi today and she seemed very happy with them.
Our trip to Taupo last week was a two hour drive so I had a knitting project with me to pass the time.  I made the Skeppe hat again, this time for my boss as she loved the one I had made for myself here.  I do love this pattern and it looked really good on Cath, here Charlie has been my reluctant model!! Wendy xx

Thursday, 24 July 2014

School holidays

Charlie is safely home and had a wonderful time, it was such a pleasure to hear she fully participated in the experience and loved it all.  Once she was home we spent two days in Taupo, staying in an apartment that looked out to the lake.  Such a beautiful place to visit with snow-capped mountains, Huka waterfall, the lake, and geothermal attractions.  But now the school holidays are over and the routine of term three has begun.
I have managed some sewing in between working and holidaying.  I made the Colette Mabel skirt, using a heavyweight merino ponti knit.  I made size large which ended up being too big, particularly around the waist, so I altered the waistband to make it fit.  I also added 2.5" to the length.  I don't think this is the most flattering pattern on me as it hugs the hips and thighs (the area of my body I try to hide!!), however it is such a warm, comfy skirt especially when paired with my warmest, thickest tights.  I wore it in Taupo with a long cardigan and I think it looked okay.
I also made the Plantain T-shirt which is a free pattern by Deer & Doe.  This is my third time using this pattern, it makes such a great layering top.  The first one was in white cotton knit and the second in a grey and brown merino.  This last one is my favourite, made in black merino.  I added to the length by about 1.5" and added cuffs to the sleeves as I love a long sleeve in winter, keeping my wrists toasty warm.  You may notice a seam under the bust with the black one, I couldn't quite fit the front piece on my fabric so cut it into two - call it a design feature!  I definitely don't plan on wearing the T-shirt and skirt by themselves but layered with other clothes.  These makes just happen to fit in perfectly with The Monthly Stitch where the challenge this month is to sew in monochrome. Wendy xx

Friday, 11 July 2014

Pay it forward

I have made my second Pay it forward gift and Amy has now safely received it.  Amy makes lots of beautiful things on her blog and has a knack for putting really pretty fabrics together so I tried to use fabrics I thought she would like.  I made Amy the Kite Tote designed by Charise Randell from the Playful little paper-pieced projects book.  I also made her a necklace which was a kit from Close to my heart and found her a fat quarter cupcake.  Charlie and I made ourselves a necklace each too from the same kit.

Charlie is back on Saturday from the mission trip in Vanuatu.  That's her below - in sunglasses, third from the left.  It sounds like everything has gone well and they made two water pumps for the villages.  I am so looking forward to seeing her after her two weeks away with very little contact.  I am going to make her favourite home made ice cream as a welcome home treat!  Wendy xx

Thursday, 3 July 2014

Inspired to make

Jenny from Elefantz is one of my favourite designer blogs to read.  She writes very inspiring and encouraging posts and has beautiful projects and tutorials as well.  Recently she wrote about raiding her craft room to make something, which turned out to be a beautiful quilted cushion making use of a stitchery she had completed previously, see here.  I was instantly inspired to use the gorgeous little cat stitchery I had received from Michelle last year as part of a swap.  After an evening of sewing I had a new cushion using craft supplies I had on hand.  Thanks for the inspiration Jenny.
Wendy xx