Saturday 7 June 2014

Knitting and thrifting

We had a long weekend last week and it was pretty wonderful: no Saturday sports, Paul was home, I went scrapbooking for a day and we went to the movies on the Monday.  I did unfortunately get the cold that the rest of the family had but am now almost back to normal apart from a stuffy nose.  So I haven't felt as much like sewing as usual; knitting has been the craft of choice, it's so easy to sit near the fire and relax with needles and yarn.  I now have two socks and they are very comfy.  I made my own 'blockers' from foam sheets, not wanting to pay $60(!!) for sock blockers from the wool shop.  I also finished my hat, I love this pattern and have worn it a few times already. It is the Skeppe hat by Truly Myrtle.
Occasionally I make time to pop into my local vintage shop and recently I found a beautiful lace table cloth and two scarves, one silk and an organza one.  Today I visited a vintage and craft fair, I love seeing what the local crafty community are making.  I found the succulent in a china bowl, a silk vintage dress and a hand crafted necklace made with felted balls.  The dress is lovely, fully lined, really nicely finished inside, and it fits!!  It is actually a dark navy although it looks black in the photo.  Oh, and I also bought a couple of yummy cupcakes that didn't last long! Wendy xx


  1. Such a beautiful post of all your lovely 'new' things! Good on you with the knitting - those socks and the hat are fabulous! Wonderful finds on your thrifting travels - I bet that dress will be lovely to wear :-) Crafting by the fire sounds supberb!

  2. Just love your new socks and hat...Nice finds at the oppie too.
    Pleased your cold is better.

  3. Lovely treasures Wendy. I love your knitting and by the fire sounds so nice. Hope you are feeling better xx

  4. love your new socks and beanie!
    great pre loved treasures.
    the dress looks quite elegant.
    hope you shake your cold soon.

  5. Hi Wendy love your socks and hat and well done with your finds,great shopping.xx

  6. Love your socks and hat. Wendy. hugs.....

  7. Lovely socks, warm toes are always good!
    Your hat looks toasty, too.
    Cool cloth you picked up there and the beads are gorgeous.

  8. Wow they are great buys there Wendy!
    And the Fastest Quilt is very clever, what a great quick make!

  9. Love the socks and hat.Glad you had a lovely weekendX

  10. I do admire your knitting, love the hat. Great finds.

  11. love the socks and beany... it looks a lovely pattern...
    great thrift finds and at the market.... gotta feel good about those!

  12. Hi Wendy - so happy to see the other sock now has a "mate" to keep both feet warm :-)
    Your new hat is just lovely as are all your new purchases & those vintage finds. Lucky girl - sometimes thrifting can be very hit & miss but looks like you were there on the right day :-) Glad your cold is on its way out, theres been alot around this winter.


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