Sunday 1 January 2012

Projects for 2012

I have been reading many project lists on blogs today and thought it would be a good idea to have my own:

1  Vignette mystery quilt - I am making progress on blocks 6 and 7, then I'll be halfway there ...
 2  Vignette hexagon quilt - I have made 4 out of 7 rows and then have the embroidery to do ...

3  For all seasons wall hanging - 1 more stitchery to go and then I need to decide if I want 4 individual mini wall hangings that you change each season or one larger one ...

4  I want to make a quilt for Charlie, still undecided on the pattern.

5  I have joined up with "A monthly make 2012" hosted by The Felt Fairy (blogger will not let me put the button on my sidebar at the moment so here it is below) ...

I hope to make lots of smaller projects for this challenge, in fact I have started a small wall hanging for my January make ...

I think that will keep me busy and perhaps there will be other projects that crop up too!
Well, back to my applique ... happy stitching, Wendy


  1. Wow a few more flowers on your Vignette Mystery Quilt, it is really taking form. A lovely list of projects to work on. higs, Sharon

  2. Loving seeing your Vignette quilt come together! The colours are so different from Sharons, it is really nice seeing everyone using their own colours!

  3. such lovely projects you have planned...

  4. Good on you for making a list, you have got lots of lovely things to work on, love your vignette projects. I'm not going to declare my project list in public as I have so many things I am wanting to do (!!) -- mind you , maybe it would help me clarify my thoughts....

  5. Only a list...I have started a book. As 2012 is my year to finish UFOs I am cheating for monthly make and have dragged out a small UFO.

  6. I love your mystery quilt...great way of doing it and your hexagon quilt is just making me thing a red one is in my future! :) Your list is great...and there might be a few things on there that I might have to take a look at too since it seems we have so many of the same "likes." Here's to a wonderful 2012 stitching with you!!! :)

  7. Lots of lovely sewing to come. The monthly make sounds like a great idea. I'm off to join now.

  8. Lovely project. I will follow your progress.

  9. happy New Year. You have a lot os wonderful projects going on. Hope 2012 will be a great quilting and stitching year for you.
    That monthly make looks great. I'll check it out.

  10. So many beautiful projects.... and we are the 1st of January !!!
    I wish you all the best for you and your family for 2012 !!
    Happy New Year !

  11. will look forward to seeing the progress on all those projects. My favourites will be the vignette mystery quilt!


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