Monday 2 January 2012

My Mum...

Hi everyone!! It's Charlie, back from the world of "high school homework"! I know I haven't blogged for ages, but today is a great opportunity to say how proud of my Mum I am.This year has been a difficult year for her, but she has shown her true resilient and determined nature. Even though she works part time, (for a while she was juggling 3 different jobs!!!) is the Secretary for my church, and has to drive my brother and me to school each morning, at different times, she amazingly still finds time to blog, quilt, stitch and all those other creative things she does. Over this year alone, I can't even begin to count all those amazing masterpieces my Mum has made! This Christmas, instead of having a relaxing holiday, she had to cook food for the 30 something relations who was coming around to our place Christmas afternoon. And she managed it!!! She has the amazing ability to make our place look friendly and warm, using just some little Christmas nicknack's, (half of which she made) and managing to impress the whole of our family!!!
When I was little, I remember going to school and pulling my special little baked goodies out of my lunch box. Suddenly, all my friends (and not-so-friends) were around me, offering to swap their lunch for mine!!! Her name was famous in my school!!! Even my teachers had heard about her legendary baking skills.
Although all these things  in my Mum is great, I gotta say my favourite part of Mum is her understanding towards my little petty problems. Even though me and Josh can be incrediablly painful at times she is always ready to help us when we ask!!! By watching her, she has brought me closer to Jesus, and has been an excellent role model in my life!!!

This may sound a bit cliche, but.....when I grow up, I want to be just like my Mum.
I love you Mum!!!
Love Charlie


  1. Awww what a lovely post Wendy from your daughter, Charlie, I'm sure your Mum is proud of you as well! Does she know you have posted this?
    Happy New Year to you xx

  2. This is such a sweet brought a wee tear to my eye:O)

  3. What a lovely post Charlie.... as a mum myself there is something very special about hearing things like this from our children..... good on you...
    PS I think your mums pretty special too....

  4. Hi Charlie, You are right - your mum is great and she's lucky to have a wonderful daughter like you.

  5. OH my ... How lucky to have such a wonderful Mum and such a lovely daughter.

  6. What lovelu to hear this form a daughter.

  7. How nice you are !!
    I can't believe your Mum is doing 3 jobs and be so productive to make so beautiful quilts and stitching !!
    Best wishes to both of you !

  8. Hi Charlie, What a lovely thing to say about your Mum. I think she is special to. This was such a nice thing for a daughter to post about her mum and as a mum it brings a tear to my eye. Take care, hugs xx

  9. Lovely post Charlie! Your Mum is fantastic, and is obviously a huge inspiration to you.......

  10. Well done Charlie, being a mum myself, I would be so touched for my children to think that of me and even more so for them to say it. You are one special girl.

  11. Hi Charlie, You make my heart sing... I have a lovely daughter too, who writes the most beautiful words on any cards she gives to me.. I treasure her, as I know your mum treasures you..xx


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