Tuesday 6 October 2015

A homemade wardrobe

One of the disadvantages of making my own wardrobe is the difficulty photographing the finished clothing in use.  Being in front of the camera is not my favourite thing to do however photographs of clothes being worn show better how they fit.  I have a backlog of handmade clothes that haven't made it to the blog but I managed to get some photos this week while family are on holiday.

The first outfit is my Hetty cardigan designed by Andi Satterlund.  The yarn is New Zealand made Outlaw yarn in worsted weight and is made of 45% wool, 45% Alpaca and 10% Possum.  The possum gives it a soft fuzzy halo and it's really comfy and warm.  The dress is actually a top pattern and I extended the length to just below my knees.  It's the Akita top designed by Colette from their Seamwork magazine.  The fabric is a polyester (I think) from Spotlight and was gifted to me by a friend.  I am really happy with this outfit and I'm starting to think that simpler shapes suit me best?!  The necklace had cream beads so I bought green nail polish and painted them to match!

Secondly, I'm wearing an Undercover Hood by Papercut patterns.  I have made the hooded version for Charlotte so I knew the pattern was quick and easy.  The back, sleeves and ribbing are made from a really lovely merino  I bought from The Fabric Store and then a printed knit for the front.  I loved Susan's cowl so I used the same pattern and made one to coordinate with my top, using Cascade 100% wool (ravelry page here.)  I tend to wear these with my jeans or a black skirt.

Well, that's a tiny catch-up!  I hope all is well with you, Wendy xx


  1. Hi Wendy, love all your new makes, love the fabrics you have chosen too. Did you make the beads by any chance?? You are so clever. Hope you are enjoying the school holidays, at least we are getting wonderful weather.

  2. Well done Wendy! It is a satisfying feeling to wear something you have made yourself, particularly when it looks good!

  3. Wow, very impressed by the latest additions to your wardrobe. The top looks especially good with the different front. I can't really take credit for the cowl, but it's a great pattern and so easy. I have two now.

    1. Wendy you are so very clever with your beautiful clothes sewing

  4. What a lovely post Wendy, you are a very talented sewer and knitter, especially love the colour of your cowl :) Have a good rest of the week!

  5. You are a multi talented lady and your outfits are lovely .

  6. Hello Wendy, your clothes are beautiful. You are very talented. Its wonderful to be able to make your own wardrobe. You should be proud of yourself,

  7. Hello Wendy,

    Well done you, your outfits continue to inspire me. It is wonderful to adjust tops to dresses.

    Happy days.

  8. I with Julie, very clever are you!

  9. Don't know how I missed sew many of your posts...
    You have sewn and knitted lots of beautiful clothes, gloves and shoes ...
    Love the baskets quilt..

  10. I am the same as Maria...seem to have missed lots of your posts...backtracking now. Beautiful sewing Wendy x

  11. Looking great! You are such a good sewer.


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