Monday 26 January 2015

Summer holiday

We have just returned from our summer holiday at Papamoa beach and it was one of the best holidays ever.  The weather was perfect, the water was warm and I had a swim every day (that hasn't happened for years!)  We spent time walking, snorkeling, catching up with friends and playing games; "Rage" is our favourite.  I also had time to start stitching a new cross stitch and got lots of knitting done.  Knitting is so transportable and perfect for all the time spent travelling in the car.
The first finish is the Reminisce hat (ravelry link here).  This hat is designed by Libby at Truly Myrtle and I was able to test knit it which was pretty special for me.  I used a beautiful merino and possum yarn, made in New Zealand, which has a very soft feel. The hat was blocked on a dinnerplate which gives it the slightly slouchy beret look.  The pattern is released now and is a gorgeous design.
The sock pattern is Dancetty (ravelry link here) and is an Abbey Morris design.  I used yarn left over from the shawl I made last year.  I love these socks and especially love the stitch used on the heel which makes it feel reinforced.
I knitted the Checkerboard mitts (ravelry page here) for Josh (15 year old) as I wasn't very happy with the ones I knitted for him last year.  These feel comfy and warm and have plenty of room for my growing boy.
I love all three of these knits. It's almost enough to get me looking forward to winter (Yeah Right!) Wendy xx


  1. Lovely pictures, that looks like the perfect holiday spot.
    Gorgeous knitting. I recognised that hat immediately as i'd been perusing new patterns today. Beautiful socks.

  2. Fabulous holiday! The cross stitch is very pretty. You are a fabulous Knitter, Abbey is a clever designer.

  3. Papamoa Beach looks lovely. You have certainly been very productive on your holiday. Everything is lovely.

  4. Looks like it was a perfect holiday, with some lovely projects to work on. Glad you explained about the mitts......I thought the arms looked a bit hairy!

  5. wonderful to have had that great time.... lovely projects done too....

  6. Hi Wendy boy you sure have been busy whilst on holidays,your knitting is so beautiful,love your beach shots,hope you had a lovely long weekend my friend xx

  7. Hello Wendy,

    Such a pretty place to stay, gosh so much knitting going on, the socks mittens etc are lovely. Glad you were able to swim each day.

    Happy days.

  8. Hello Wendy, I had been thinking of you & thought you might be on your annual holiday, so glad to read you had such a great time. Its been lovely weather for a beach holiday. Your knitting projects are all just beautiful, I have seen that sock pattern before on Abbeys Mums blog. Your cross stitch sampler is rather gorgeous too :-)

  9. what a scenic beach.
    lots of great crafting while on your holiday. All those woolly creations are gorgeous, love the blues.
    pretty cross stitching too.

  10. Yep, it sure has been great weather this year! Love seeing all your knits!

  11. Oh that beach looks so inviting as I am sitting her looking out at snow drifts :-) your knitting is beautiful , I love the socks and those fingerless mittens are really lovely as well , all great stitching !

  12. I couldn't think of a better thing than to knit at
    the beach!! Yay. A girl after my own heart. lol
    Lovely pics.
    Cheers, Anita.

  13. Your knitting projects are lovely. Great pics of the beach. Shirley

  14. Beautiful work !! as usual ;)
    Here we have a lot of snow !!

  15. I missed this post but see it was about the time of our wedding and family busy-ness so no wonder!! Sounds like a great holiday and I love the crafting you got done while away! Where did you get your merino/possum wool from? I'm always on the look out for NZ treats like that and understand the possum makes it nice and light and warm.


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