Monday 4 July 2011

Robot cushion

A finish!  I was able to get some sewing done on Sunday afternoon and had just a little bit to finish off today, so here is the Robot cushion, another pattern from Anni Downs 'A Boys Story' book ...
Robot cushion - A Boys Story by Anni Downs

The back
It makes a large snugly cushion, it will look perfect on Josh's bed with the quilt once it is finished.  The colours probably aren't the best as I had to use the flash.
I got lovely mail on Friday ... I had joined the Cookies & Cream Craft Christmas Club and my July pattern arrived ...
I love this pattern from Gail Pan and I also love Cottage Garden threads so I can't wait to try out this new thread colour on this gorgeous Christmas wall hanging.  And I have four more patterns coming, August through to November ... I'm looking forward to them already!!
Happy stitching, Wendy


  1. i love the cushion Wendy looks fantastic,i have just found out that my boys story book is on its way,cant wait to get it,all your work has been very inspiring Wendy,thankyou

  2. I too joined the Cookies and Cream Christmas club and was stoked with my thread and pattern. I really love the cushion, very cute!
    Happy stitching, Michelle.

  3. Your cushion is just perfect. Your new pattern is going to be lovely.

  4. I love your cushion and the Gail Pan pattern looks lovely.

  5. Love that cushion and the Gail Pain design...oh it is so hard to think about Christmas right now, but I so need to!

  6. Love your cushion - those tags and buttons are a great touch.... I'm looking forward to the wall hanger too - its a fun club...

  7. Wendy, you are so inspiring with your boys story projects... the cushion has turned out perfect.. Have fun with your Christmas project..

  8. I love everything on this post! I continue to remain completely jealous of you all that can get Australian and New Zealand designers and floss easily.

    On a side note...I just slapped my computer screen because out of the corner of my eye I thought a bug was walking across it. It was that black fish swimming around. :)

  9. Your cushion is great !! Well done !
    I'm waiting to see your version of Gail Pan pattern ! I love her work very, very much !!


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