Thursday 17 March 2011

Boys Story block two and crochet

I have finished block two!  I am really enjoying making this quilt, I love to take the appliqué with me and stitch when I have to wait somewhere, like waiting for Charlie's bus in the afternoon or visiting with the grandparents, thankfully I can stitch and talk! 

Boat applique

Block 2

I have started the appliqué for block three, this time a kite, and I am now using Silk thread, thank you to Nicky from Farm Girl Stitching for your helpful advice!!  The Silk thread is lovely to use and it does seem to disappear into the fabric.
I also dusted off the crochet hook last week and made some flowers to hide some holes in one of Charlie's tops, quite a cute result!

I had some difficulty photographing today as Barney, our cat, kept lying on the samples!
Happy stitching, Wendy


  1. The crocheted flowers look lovely Wendy. My Nan was a great "crocheter" but I never learned. I am going to ask my friends at Quilting for a few lessons because I want to do some flowers etc like you have done for decorations. Love your quilt too. You are really making progress.

  2. Luv everything about your boys story block. You sew & stitch beautifully.
    Inspired idea to pop the crochet flowers on Charlies top wonder if it'll work on Mad Macs dungarees!!

    Barney is so handsome. Black cats just have that certain 'something'. Luv him.


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